Here you will find information on ethical animal tourism as well as information on animal tourism to stay away from.  You’ll also find info on animal activism such as tips on getting involved, volunteering and resources for veganism.  You can also find updates on my visits to farm + animal sanctuaries.  Enjoy!


Animal tourism is a huge part of the tourism industry.  People flock to all parts of the globe – sometimes purely to check an item off their bucket list that has to do with animals.  Riding elephants, swimming with dolphins, shark diving and more.  The problem is that many, if not most, of these industries, are unethical.  Here, you will find the unethical animal tourism industries and ethical replacements.


Not sure how to get involved in animal activism?  Check here for tips, how-to’s and resources.


On June 20, 2017, Dudley left this world suddenly.  Dudley was the face and main ambassador for The Gentle Barn Tennessee – a farm sanctuary in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Dudley was not just a cow (I mean I don’t think that about any cows but still).  There was something so incredibly special about him.  He was pure and innocent.  He was an inspiration.  He was a movement.  He was everything.  Please watch his story.

When he passed, and since, I’ve been overcome with grief.  After the initial shock, my immediate reaction was that I wanted to do something to honor him.  Something I could personally do to carry on his legacy even though that won’t ever fully be possible.

Eventually, it came to me randomly.  I realized I could use my existing platform here to spread his inspiration.  So, it is now my goal to visit at least one sanctuary in EVERY country or state that I visit.  For many reasons – to give love to those animals, to show the ethical ways of interacting with animals no matter where you are and to continue to be an ambassador for animals just like Dudley was for all his friends.  So, here, you will find posts from all of my sanctuary visits.