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Print Publications

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Digital Publications

Impact Travel Alliance

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Indigo Blue Magazine

Diagnosed with ADHD Right Before COVID-19 and Now Quarantined with TOO Much Focus, May 2020

Experience Grand Rapids

A Vegan and Sustainable Weekend Itinerary for Grand Rapids, Michigan, December 2019


How to House-Sit in a Vegan Home as a Non-Vegan, March 2019

Let’s Eat Cake

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Vegan Travel Tips, Vegan Black Box, April 2018

Nashville and Memphis ‘Local Tips’ for Google’s TouringBird (clips available upon request since TouringBird has been phased out by Google

Interviews & Features

What to Do if You Can’t Pay Rent Because of Coronavirus Job Loss, Huffington Post, April 2020

6 Seasoned Freelancers Reveal How Their Finances Have Been Impacted by the Pandemic – and How They’re Seeking Out New Projects and Sources of Income, Business Insider, March 2020

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