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Print Publications

Hollywood Beauty Expert & Breast Cancer Survivor Kym Douglas – How Facing Breast Cancer Changed Her Perception of Beauty, Coping magazine

Grammy-Winning Country Star John Berry: On Finding His Joy After Throat Cancer Threatened His Voice, Coping magazine

A Couple Confronts CLL: This Outdoorsy Arizona Couple Shares Their Story of Facing Cancer Together, Coping magazine

A Conversation with Childhood Cancer Survivor & Musician Ryan Hamner, Coping magazine

Q&A with Seven-Time Olympic Medalist & Ovarian Cancer Survivor Shannon Miller, Coping magazine

Two-Time Olympic Medalist April Ross: The Beach Volleyball Star Shares How She Honors Her Mother by Raising Cancer Awareness, Coping magazine

On Coming to Terms with CLL: Marialice’s Story, Coping magazine

NBC News Correspondent Kristen Dahlgren: From Telling Others’ Stories to Sharing Her Own after Being Diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Coping magazine

Snowboarding Champion Max Parrot: An Olympic Medal, a Cancer Diagnosis, and X Games Gold in 18 Months, Coping magazine

Dr. Ken Jeong and Dr. Tran Ho: The Comedy Star and His Wife Get Candid about Her Breast Cancer and Finding Humor in a Dark Situation, Coping magazine

The Tastiest Local Vegan Treats, Nashville Fit Magazine, April 2018

Digital Publications


Middle Earth in rural Tennessee: Forest Gully Farms offers visitors the chance to experience hobbit life, May 2021

Folks, A PillPack Magazine

ADHD Looks Different In Women. If I’d Known That, I Wouldn’t Have Been Divorced Twice By 25, September 2020

Impact Travel Alliance

9 Organizations Focused on Coral Reef Conservation That Travelers Can Participate In, June 2021

A Guide to Ethical Souvenir Shopping, April 2021

6 Travel Brands Working Towards Social Justice, January 2021

How to Decolonize & Diversify Your Bookshelf, and Why You Should, December 2020

Say This, Not That: A Traveler’s Guide to Mindful Language, October 2020

4 Misconceptions About Travel in the Caribbean, September 2020

Tips for Making Conscious Choices When Visiting the Caribbean during the Pandemic, September 2020

Supporting Locals in an Era of Digital Travel, August 2020

5 Tips for Choosing Ethical Underwater Travel Experiences, August 2020

How to Support the LGBTQ+ Community When Traveling, June 2020

Ocean Conservation: A Traveler’s Complete Guide, June 2020

Feminist Travel: The Women Who Have Shaped the Industry and How to Support Them, April 2020


When All Routines Have Broken, This Is the Bare-Bones One to Stick To, April 2020


On-Screen Fatness Doesn’t Come Close to Real Life—And Does Harm, January 2023

Strawberry for Hair: Can This Fruity Treat Help Your Tresses?, August 2021

Rice Water for 4C Hair Growth: Does It Work?, August 2021

Present Tense: 7 Mindfulness Strategies to Cope with Loss, July 2021

11 DIY Sugar Scrubs for Allover Exfoliation, July 2021

8 Easy Ways to Make Your Own Shampoo, June 2021

14 Easy DIY Lip Scrubs for Smoother, Healthier Lips, June 2021

Co-Wash: How to Do It, What It Is, and Products to Try, May 2021

What Are the Benefits of Body Scrubs?, May 2021

The Ultimate Skin Care Routine for Combination Skin, April 2021

The Ultimate Skin Care Routine for Dry Skin, April 2021

Cottagecore: The Whimsical Trend That May Just Help Your Mental Health, April 2021

Witch Hazel for Hair: Benefits, Recipes, and How to Use, April 2021

Korean Skin Care Routine: All the Steps From A to Z, March 2021

How to Manage COVID-19 Vaccine Guilt, March 2021

Everything You Need to Know to Start a Natural Skin Care Routine, February 2021

What Is Caffeine Shampoo, and What Can It Do for Your Hair?, February 2021

How An Empath Copes with Shocking Events, February 2021

Natural Deodorant Alternatives for Happy, Healthy Pits, January 2021

How to Fall Back Asleep, November 2020

6 Reasons Working from Bed Isn’t Doing You Any Favors, September 2020

6 Nutritious Edible Plants to Grow at Home, August 2020

11 Low Maintenance Plants for the Forgetful Type, June 2020


Reliable Recall Training: Teaching Your Dog to Come, March 2022

Coping with Cancer

Cancer, COVID-19, and the Holidays: 8 Tips to Make the Most of This Holiday Season, December 2020

Popular Science

Best RFID wallets to guard your digital identity, September 2021

The Temper

Stop Complimenting One Another on Weight Loss This Holiday Season, November 2020

How Trying to Balance Body Positivity and Overeating Affects My Anxiety, November 2020

We Are Horror

Female Slashers. They Exist But Is It Enough?, October 2020

Indigo Blue Magazine

How to Help Someone with an Addiction without Losing Yourself, September 2020

How Narcissistic Abuse Has Long-Lasting Effects, August 2020

Embracing Being Bisexual to Support my Mental Health, July 2020

Diagnosed with ADHD Right Before COVID-19 and Now Quarantined with TOO Much Focus, May 2020

Wellness Lounge Magazine

There is Proof in the Power of Positive Thinking,  Winter 2021

My Entire Life Makes Sense After a Late ADHD Diagnosis, Spring 2020

The Doe

Quarantine Jokes About Alcoholism Are Giving Me PTSD, July 2020


10 Things Veg Entrepreneurs Want YOU to Know Before Starting Your Plant-Based Business, July 2020

Experience Grand Rapids

A Vegan and Sustainable Weekend Itinerary for Grand Rapids, Michigan, December 2019

Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism

Experience Sustainability at The Gulf State Park Interpretive Center, June 2020

5 Incredible Vegan Restaurants in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, May 2020


How to House-Sit in a Vegan Home as a Non-Vegan, March 2019

Pagan Grimoire

Capricorns, These Are Your Most Compatible Love Matches, January 2021

Let’s Eat Cake

Escape From The World With A Cottagecore Aesthetic (It’s Easier Than Space Travel)

21 Birthday Puns To Take The Focus Off The Fact They’re A Year Older

21 Bad Puns So Terrible They’re Great

The Skeleton Champagne Glasses Aren’t The Only Awesome Thing In Pottery Barn’s Halloween Collection

The Best Of West Elm’s Halloween 2021 Collection

23 Starbucks Secret Menu Frappuccinos Worth The Brain Freeze

Don’t Be Dull: Neon Nails Are The Bright Trend You Need To Try

21 Hauntingly Good Ghost Puns For Spooky Season

25 Fall Nail Designs To Try As Soon As That First Autumn Breeze Hits, July 2021

25 Leo Tattoo Ideas That Are Fit For A Queen, July 2021

The 42 Funniest Memes In The History Of The Internet, July 2021

These Are The Best Gel Nail Polishes For Your At-Home Manicure, July 2021

18 Marvel Nails To Flaunt At Your Next Movie Night, July 2021

16 Purple Nail Designs For The Royalty That You Are, July 2021

65 Dirty Adult Jokes You Should Text Your Partner, June 2021

17 Ombre Nails As Faded As Those Summer Sunsets, June 2021

Twitter Reacts To Netflix’s Curious New Dating Show, Sexy Beasts, June 2021

The 10 Coolest Cars From Fast And Furious, June 2021

15 Beach Nail Art Designs That Will Distract From Your Tan Lines, June 2021

15 Cancer Zodiac Tattoos That Will Make You Anything But Crabby, June 2021

15 Starbucks Secret Menu Refreshers In Case You Don’t Have A Pool, June 2021

There’s Nothing Butter Than These Popcorn Puns, June 2021

15 Loki-Themed Gifts That Are Better Than A Paperweight, June 2021

21 Schitt’s Creek Gifts That Are Simply The Best, June 2021

Heat Things Up With These 19 Summer Nail Designs, June 2021

13 Starbucks Secret Menu Iced Coffee Drinks To Help You Stay Cool, June 2021

The Hottest Summer Nail Colors To Try In 2021 (If We Do Say So Ourselves), May 2021

15 Gemini Tattoos That’ll Win Over Both Of Your Personalities, May 2021

These 18 Berry Puns Are Totally Grape, May 2021

9 Starbucks Summer Drinks To Try This Season, May 2021

20 Starbucks Frappuccino Flavors You Can Find Around The World, April 2021

18 Bullish Taurus Tattoo Ideas To Inspire Your Next Ink, April 2021

This Robot Is About To Change Your At-Home Manicure Game Forever, April 2021

We Think These Are The Hottest Swimsuits For Summer 2021, April 2021

Just 17 Hot Tom Ellis GIFs Because The Final Season Of Lucifer Is Here, April 2021

23 Spring Nail Designs To Make Your Nails Look Fresh, April 2021

23 Cute Puns That You Won’t Be Able To Resist Awwwing At, March 2021

15 Not Exactly Subtle Aries Tattoo Ideas, March 2021

Give Your Closet An Early 1800s Makeover With These Corsets, March 2021

Crust Us, These Pie Puns Are Deliciously Funny, March 2021

These Schitt’s Creek Memes Are Capricious And Melodramatic, But Not Wrong, March 2021

8 Starbucks Frappuccinos That Taste Just Like Girl Scout Cookies, March 2021

You Know You’re A Millennial If You Need This Blockbuster Eyeshadow Palette, February 2021

How To Order The Starbucks Shamrock Tea From TikTok, February 2021

Embrace Your Inner Fish With These Pisces Tattoos, February 2021

These 21 Avocado Puns Will Guac Your World, February 2021

These Are The Netflix Original Movies And Shows Coming In March, February 2021

Up Your Breakfast Game With These Pancake Charcuterie Boards, February 2021

Laugh At These 33 Star Wars Memes, You Will, February 2021

20 Sweet Chocolate Puns That’ll Make You Melt, February 2021

Nothing Says Love Like These Valentine’s Day Memes, February 2021

12 Regencycore Gift Ideas Fit For A Queen, February 2021

These 17 Starbucks Valentine’s Day Drinks Are The Recipe For Love, February 2021

17 Breakable Chocolate Hearts You’ll Want To Give This Valentine’s Day, January 2021

These Minimalist Tattoos Prove That Sometimes Less Is More, January 2021

America Got A New President And A New Bernie Sanders Meme, January 2021

16 Sex Toys That’ll Bring Positive Vibes This Valentine’s Day, January 2021

28 Donut Gift Ideas So Good You May Be Tempted To Eat Them, January 2021

11 Fun Facts You’ll Want to Know Before Watching Marvel’s WandaVision, January 2021

We’re Crushing Hard on These Valentine’s Day Nails, January 2021

The Target Valentine’s Day Collection For 2021 Knows The Way To Our Hearts, January 2021

24 Dessert Puns Almost Too Sweet To Share, January 2021

16 Capricorn Tattoos That Even The Toughest Critic (You) Will Love, December 2020

What Does Your State Drink On New Year’s Eve?, December 2020

Say Hello To 2021 With These 19 New Year’s Nail Designs, December 2020

13 Christmas Nail Colors That’ll Get You In The Holiday Spirit, December 2020

Just 50 Funny Christmas Captions To Help You Sleigh Instagram, December 2020

23 Nail Designs That Perfectly Sum Up 2020, December 2020

These 45 Christmas Puns Are As Lit As Your Christmas Tree, December 2020

Tis’ the Season for These 85 Christmas Jokes, December 2020

18 Winter Puns That Are Snow Joke, December 2020

These Santa Memes Are The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer, December 2020

22 Christmas Nail Ideas That’ll Sleigh This Holiday Season, December 2020

13 Smooth Butter Puns You’ll Want to Spread Around, December 2020

Funny Gingerbread Houses That (Almost) Look Good Enough To Move Into, December 2020

21 Sleigh Puns Yule Laugh Out Loud At, December 2020

The 25 Best Star Wars Gifts We Could Find Across the Galaxy, November 2020

25 of the Most Unique Pies We’ve Ever Seen, November 2020

These 19 Sagittarius Tattoos Are Straight Fire, November 2020

Treat Yo Elf with One of These Funny Ugly Christmas Sweaters, November 2020

You’re Gonna Flip Over These 19 Pancake Puns, November 2020

18 Thanksgiving Nail Designs That Are (Almost) As Good As Pie, November 2020

This Cornucopia of 50 Thanksgiving Jokes Will Get You Through Dinner, November 2020

These 23 Black Halloween Nails Will Have You Ready for Spooky Season, October 2020

Ain’t No Laws When You’re Wearing One of These 19 White Claw Costumes, October 2020

25 Bonafide Hilarious Skeleton Puns, October 2020

21 Gourd Pumpkin Memes for Halloween, October 2020

25 Punny Halloween Costume Ideas to Try This Year, October 2020

These 35 Witch Puns Have Some Serious Hex Appeal, October 2020

75 Halloween Jokes So Cheesy You Might Just Die, October 2020

16 Bewitching Hocus Pocus Nail Art Designs to Try This October, October 2020

27 Stimulating Coffee Puns We Love a Latte, October 2020

15 Bite-Sized Cupcake Puns To Sweeten Your Instagram Captions, October 2020

67 Funny Couples Costume Ideas to Dress Up in This Year, October 2020

27 Paul Rudd Memes to Get You Through the Week, September 2020

17 Delicious Apple Puns for Your Instagram, September 2020

These Pumpkin Puns are Anything But Basic, September 2020

The Best Fall Nail Trends for 2020, September 2020

15 Cottagecore Earrings if You’re Ready to Go Live in the Forest, September 2020

27 Food Puns Perfect For Your Instagram Food Pics, August 2020

27 Pineapple Nail Designs So You Can Match Your Manicure To Your Piña Colada, August 2020

29 Virgo Memes You’ll Only Get if You Are One, August 2020

Donut Tattoo Ideas That’ll Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth, July 2020

These 15 Pretzel Puns Won’t Leave You Thirsty, July 2020

Get Into the Spirit with These 29 Alcohol Puns, July 2020

19 Juicy Watermelon Puns That Are Perfectly Sweet, June 2020

These 14 S’mores Puns Are Perfect For Your Insta-Graham Captions, June 2020

19 Types of Donuts to Try ASAP, June 2020

These 23 Beer Puns Really Raise The Bar, May 2020

17 Sizzling Summer Puns for Your Instagram Captions, May 2020

These 17 Donut Puns Are Jam Packed With Goodness, April 2020

The 31 Best Tiger King Memes Because That’s All We Watch Anymore Except the News, March 2020

You Need These Baby Yoda Memes Like a Jedi Needs the Force, March 2020

21 Relatable Work from Home Memes, March 2020

The Best Coffee Shops in Nashville, February 2020

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?, September 2019

What is TSA PreCheck and is it Worth It?, August 2019

Arts Pretty Plants

Fall Trees With The Best Color For Your Yard, September 2021


Relationships Aren’t For Me – I’m A Way Better Person When I’m Single, April 2017

My Dog Is More Emotionally Available Than Any Man I’ve Ever Dated, April 2017

Here’s Why Guys Who Speak More Than One Language Are Way Hotter, April 2017


Vegan Travel Tips, Vegan Black Box, April 2018

Nashville and Memphis ‘Local Tips’ for Google’s TouringBird (clips available upon request since TouringBird has been phased out by Google

Interviews & Features

What to Do if You Can’t Pay Rent Because of Coronavirus Job Loss, Huffington Post, April 2020

6 Seasoned Freelancers Reveal How Their Finances Have Been Impacted by the Pandemic – and How They’re Seeking Out New Projects and Sources of Income, Business Insider, March 2020

Nutrition Tips for Vegans from 33 Experts, Vegan Liftz, 2019

Simple Tips to Reduce Waste for Beginners, All the Wild Roses, August 2019


Bloggers and Creatives Who Are Transforming Travel, Impact Travel Alliance, June 2020

Something For Everyone: 18 Vegan Documentaries To Change Your Life, Bead & Reel, May 2020

The Simple Guide to a Zero Waste Kitchen, Bead & Reel, April 2020

The Weekender: To tag or not to tag? Geotagging and Photography in Travel, Impact Travel Alliance, August 2019

9 Vegan Travel Bloggers You Should Follow on Instagram, Matador Network, June 2018

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