Scuba Diving Withdrawals? 12+ Things to Do While Stuck on Dry Land

scuba diving withdrawals

Scuba Diving Withdrawals & How to Cope

Are you having scuba diving withdrawals? Here are 12+ things to do while you’re stuck on dry land coping with a lack of diving.

If you’re like me, then perhaps you’re feeling a bit more landlocked than usual. Being in Nashville, I’m used to not being able to get in the ocean anytime I want to, but now that I really can’t, I’m feeling more nostalgic than normal.

In fact, after taking a planned travel break at the end of last year, my first trip back was to go scuba diving in Gulf Shores. That was canceled, obviously, due to the pandemic so I’m definitely feeling the no scuba diving blues right about now.

I decided to take this time to start my Advanced certification. This is something I wanted to do this year anyway and decided to use PADI’s eLearning to do so. I’ll be putting my post out soon on my experience with that!

Last year, I used the eLearning option to do my open water certification before heading to Costa Rica. It was very convenient.

But, that’s just one way you can connect to scuba diving while you’re coping with the fact that you can’t get in the water right now – and have no idea when you can again.

These are all good things that can come in handy even during non-pandemic times – maybe you can’t dive because of pregnancy, sickness, injuries, just good ole life.

Read Books about Scuba Diving

There are some really good books out there about diving and divers. I’ve read many of them and haven’t been disappointed yet.

I’ve put together a list of the best scuba diving books.

Plan Your Next Diving Trip

Just because you can’t now doesn’t mean you can’t plan the whole thing out. Part of the fun is in the planning anyway.

Take the time to plan your absolute dream diving trip and if you’re able at the moment, start saving for it.

Listen to Podcasts about Scuba Diving

Podcasts are a great alternative to watching shows and movies. And, while I’ll always prefer reading if you don’t or you need a non-reading activity, then podcasts are great.

There are several great scuba diving podcasts.

Improve Your Scuba Skills

Have a pool? You can still practice skills! If you don’t, you can still watch how-to videos, practice your breathing using my anxiety tips, and more.

Edit Diving Photos or Video

Are you like me and have thousands of photos unedited? Take the time to edit all the photos and videos you’ve been meaning to get around to.

Make a Scuba Gear Wish List

Use my scuba diving gift guide as your own personal wish list. Do shopping for loved ones or just pick out all the things you’d love to have!

Learn about the Connection Between Your Astrological Sign and Diving

Always wondered how your sign plays into your diving? No. Well, now you can.

Here’s mine: Virgo’s attention to detail and hardworking nature makes them great dive buddies and dive professionals. Their kind heart and perfectionist tendencies may cause them to spend too much time helping others, neglecting their own self-care. If you have a Virgo dive buddy, make sure they stay hydrated and have a little snack between dives.

Honestly, it couldn’t be more on point.

Join This Great Octopus Facebook Group and Learn about Cephalopods

OctoNation® – The Largest Octopus Fan Club is filled with artists, underwater photographers/videographers, researchers, and a ton of cephalopod enthusiasts.

Watch Documentaries & Movies about Scuba Diving

While I wish there were more, there are a decent amount of scuba diving movies and documentaries out there.

Some are fantastic, some are okay, and some are just outright laughable (I’m looking at you 47 Meters Down) but here’s my full list.

Take a Quiz to Find Out What Kind of Shark You Are

Take this quiz. Find your shark doppelganger. Become one.

Learn about the Sharking Industry and How to Save Sharks

While we’re on the topic of sharks, learn more about the sharing industry, ways you can help save sharks, and shark conservation organizations to support.

Find Your New Favorite Scuba Diving Motto

I’ve put together 90+ scuba diving quotes that divers and ocean lovers alike can enjoy!


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scuba diving withdrawals
scuba diving withdrawals
scuba diving withdrawals

scuba diving withdrawals
scuba diving withdrawals

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