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I’m a big fan of the midwest in general and I think it’s one of the most underrated, if not the most underrated, region in the entire country. After finding amazing vegan food in St Louis, Indianapolis, and Oklahoma City (I think there is an ongoing debate as to whether OKC is in the South or Midwest and I find myself not too sure either), I’ve been a firm believer that the words vegan and midwest actually do go together. I’ve been itching to get to Ohio aside from just driving through it which I’ve been doing my entire life and I was itching to know what the vegan scene is like. I’m happy to report that the vegan restaurants Columbus Ohio are fantastic and they’re doing their part of putting the Midwest on the vegan radar.

Vegan Restaurants Columbus Ohio Map

Vegan Restaurants Columbus Ohio

Having lots of great vegan options is one thing but having all-vegan restaurants is another thing entirely. I’ve been to many areas where you’ll never find a completely vegan restaurant but the options are still great – Northwest Arkansas is a great example – but you won’t even have to worry about this because the vegan restaurants in Columbus Ohio are not lacking.

Eden Burger

Type of Cuisine: American, fast food, comfort food
Cost: $$
Neighborhood: Short North
Gluten-Free Options: yes, clearly marked

I almost didn’t make it try Eden Burger before leaving Columbus but I’m so glad I didn’t miss out because the food was fantastic! There are a lot of places doing vegan comfort food and vegan fast food – and they’re definitely doing it well – but Eden Burger had some uniqueness.

I got the Bacon Ranch which is kind of a vegan rendition of a chicken sandwich. What I thought was unique and great about it is that it’s made out of tempeh instead of the typically used seitan. I’ve never had breaded and fried tempeh but I need to have more of it in the future. I also got the mozzarella sticks because it isn’t very often that one finds themselves in the presence of vegan mozzarella sticks.

Essential Information about Eden Burger

Address | 1437 N High Street, Columbus
Hours | 11am-10pm daily; 10am-2pm Sunday brunch
Website |

Seitan’s Realm

Type of Cuisine: American, fast food, comfort food, food truck
Cost: $$
Neighborhood: roaming
Gluten-Free Options: unsure

Here’s how I stumbled into Seitan’s Realm. I was walking down the street from the farmers’ market in Clintonville to check out a vegan bakery and as I was walking back, I glance across the street and I see a truck with the words Seitan’s Realm. As a vegan, I knew what this meant – clearly, it’s an all-vegan food truck and I must obtain it immediately.

I crossed the street, probably haphazardly, and stalked them as they hadn’t opened yet. I found out when they would start serving food, walked down to the Park of Roses, and then Ubered back (because let’s face it – that was a long walk) to try it out.

I got the cheesesteak because I’ll hardly ever skip a cheesesteak. Their seitan is so delicious and the cheese sauce was spot on as well.

Essential Information about Seitan’s Realm

Address | roaming
Hours | varies
Website |

The Little Kitchen

Type of Cuisine: healthy eats, food truck, small bites
Cost: $
Neighborhood: roaming
Gluten-Free Options: yes, clearly marked

Looking for something a little more healthy? Pretty excited to say that there are two vegan food trucks in Columbus Ohio and they are exact opposites so a little something for every taste!

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The Little Kitchen Food Truck offers small bites and healthier comfort food options while focusing on in-season and local fruits and veggies to support health, the environment, and local businesses.

I got the avocado toast which included beet hummus which is both beautiful and delicious!

Essential Information about The Little Kitchen

Address | roaming
Hours | varies
Website |

Two Dollar Radio Headquarters

Type of Cuisine: comfort food, a little bit of everything
Cost: $$
Neighborhood: South Side
Gluten-Free Options: yes, clearly marked

This is easily one of my new favorite places! Two Dollar Radio Headquarters is a family-owned and operated indie bookstore, event space, bar, coffee shop, and 100% vegan cafe. The bookshop is a carefully curated list of titles and is mostly independently published books. The coffee includes locally roasted coffee exclusively and everything is made in house aside from bread and desserts which are also sourced locally.

A small bookstore and vegan cafe combined is a perfect combination!

Essential Information about Two Dollar Radio Headquarters

Address | 1124 Parsons Avenue, Columbus
Hours | 10am-9pm (Tues-Wed) 10am-10pm (Thu-Sat) 10am-3pm (Sun)
Website |

Other Vegan Restaurants in Columbus Ohio

Vegan Bakery Columbus Ohio

Not only are there several vegan restaurants in Columbus Ohio but if you’re looking for a vegan bakery in Columbus Ohio, you’re going to be one happy camper as there are a couple of options!

Pattycake Bakery

Type of Cuisine: desserts, sweets
Cost: $
Neighborhood: Clintonville
Gluten-Free Options: yes, clearly marked

I was absolutely in heaven when I walked into Pattycake Bakery. Partly because the AC was a welcomed friend from that scorching heatwave in Columbus, but mostly because their baked goods case looked like something out of my dreams.

After hmmming and ahhhing for a while, I finally decided I had to go with one of the giant orange cinnamon rolls. I love cinnamon rolls and used to always eat the orange Pillsbury ones. This was just like that but way bigger and better. I had to take it back with me to the hotel and it was just as delicious the next morning.

Essential Information about Pattycake Bakery

Address | 3009 N High Street, Columbus
Hours | 8am-7pm (Monday-Friday) 9am-6pm (Saturday) 11am-4pm (Sunday)
Website |

Happy Little Treats Bakery

Type of Cuisine: desserts, sweets
Cost: $
Neighborhood: Short North
Gluten-Free Options: unsure

I had another serendipitous vegan moment while strolling through the Short North neighborhood. I was nearing the end of the neighborhood and decided it was time to turn around and head back the other direction when I spotted a little shop with the words “Happy Little Treats.” I thought to myself – that sounds like they might have vegan options. Sure enough – the entire establishment is completely vegan.

I also got a cinnamon roll from here – what can I say – but it was described as more of a vegan honey bun.

Essential Information about Happy Little Treats Bakery

Address | 1247 N High Street, Columbus
Hours | 8am-4pm (Tuesday-Sunday)
Website | Facebook

Other Bakeries in Columbus with Vegan Options

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Vegetarian Restaurants Columbus Ohio

Some of the best things I ate came from the vegetarian restaurants in Columbus Ohio so definitely don’t count them out just because there are all vegan spots.

Native Cold Pressed Juice

Type of Cuisine: healthy eats, small bites, drinks
Cost: $
Neighborhood: Short North, German Village
Gluten-Free Options: yes, clearly marked

After strolling through German Village in the extreme heat, I wanted nothing more than to have a refreshing drink so I headed to Native Cold Pressed Juice to grab a drink. I settled on the Blue Peppermint Latte which was definitely unique and refreshing.

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You can grab juices, smoothies, bowls and more and almost everything is vegan with the exception of honey.

Essential Information about Native Cold Pressed Juice

Address | 214 Thurman Ave and 771-A North High Street
Hours | dependent on location
Website |


Type of Cuisine: shareable dishes, little bit of everything
Cost: $$$
Neighborhood: German Village
Gluten-Free Options: yes, clearly marked

This was my first meal in Columbus and I think I have to claim it as my favorite as well. We ordered a little bit of everything – bread and spread, crispy rice, tempura cauliflower, and togarashi fries – and I couldn’t stop eating.

Comune is a newer spot with a minimalistic open space with dishes meant to be shared so as to connect, or comune, with one another, the community, and the world. Ingredients are sourced locally and dishes are seasonal. ⁣

The entire restaurant is vegetarian but everything can be made vegan (and most items already are) and they have a large list of all vegan, eco-friendly wines as well. ⁣In my opinion, this is a must-visit in Columbus.

Essential Information about Comune

Address | 677 Parsons Avenue, Columbus
Hours | 11am-3pm and 5pm-10pm (Monday-Thursday) 11am-3pm and 5pm-11pm (Friday)
5pm-11pm (Saturday)
Website |

vegan restaurants columbus ohio - comune restaurant

Other Vegetarian Restaurants in Columbus Ohio

  • Little Eater
  • Zest Juice Company

Vegan Friendly Restaurants Columbus Ohio

If there’s no shortage of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Columbus, there’s definitely no shortage of vegan friendly restaurants in Columbus Ohio either.

Service Bar

Type of Cuisine: unique fusions
Cost: $$$
Neighborhood: Short North
Gluten-Free Options: yes, clearly marked

Service Bar is attached to Middle West Spirits Distillery and is led by Chef Barua who is inspired by Bangladeshi roots and a midwestern upbringing which gives his food an incredibly unique spin. The Service Bar offers a vegetarian menu upon request. Everything on this menu can be made vegan but the servers are happy to go into detail with what they believe are the best vegan items.

I got the Brassicas which is basically cauliflower that tastes like General Tso’s chicken – delicious!

Essential Information about Service Bar

Address | 1230 Courtland Ave, Columbus
Hours | 5pm-11pm (Wednesday-Thursday) 5pm-12am (Friday-Saturday) 5pm-10pm (Sunday)
Website |

Global Gallery Coffee

Type of Cuisine: coffee, small bites
Cost: $
Neighborhood: Clintonville
Gluten-Free Options: yes, clearly marked

I really enjoyed stumbling into Global Gallery which is a non-profit coffee shop dedicated to promoting Fair Trade products from around the world and sourcing local and sustainable ingredients.

Essential Information about Global Gallery

Address | 3535 N High Street, Columbus 
Hours | 7am-8pm (Monday-Friday) 8am-8pm (Saturday-Sunday)
Website |

Momo Ghar Market

Type of Cuisine: Nepali, Tibetan, small bites
Cost: $$
Neighborhood: Downtown
Gluten-Free Options: unsure

After just returning from Nepal where I fell in love with the food and took a momo cooking class, I was excited when someone told me about this authentic Nepalese momo stand in the North Market. I had no idea how I could possibly eat one more thing before heading back to Nashville, but I was determined.

I headed over to find Momo Ghar where I grabbed a helping of aloo (potato) momos, sat down at the counter, and ate them while having a lovely conversation with them about Nepal. It was such a great and unique way to end a weekend in Columbus.

Essential Information about Momo Ghar Market

Address | 59 Spruce Street, Columbus (inside North Market)
Hours | 9am-7pm (Tuesday-Saturday) 10am-5pm (Sunday-Monday)
Website | momogharohio

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

Type of Cuisine: desserts, ice cream
Cost: $
Neighborhood: everywhere
Gluten-Free Options: yes, clearly marked 

Jeni’s is a Certified B Corporation which I love! They use Direct Trade and Fair Trade ingredients, employ a diverse team of people, and work with women- and minority-owned businesses. Jeni’s always has a handful of vegan flavors – both creamy and sorbet options.

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Jeni’s is so popular in Nashville you would think it was a Nashville born business so to find out that it all started in Columbus was pretty cool. There are about a dozen Columbus locations but head to North Market for the original.

Essential Information about Jeni’s

Address | dependent on location
Hours | dependent on location
Website |


Type of Cuisine: Mediterranean
Cost: $$
Neighborhood: Short North
Gluten-Free Options: yes – all items are gluten-free except pita and pita chips

I’ll be honest and tell you that I probably wouldn’t have chosen to eat at Brassica on my own but I’m so glad it was recommended and that I decided to take that recommendation. Brassica is located in the Short North neighborhood and is full of incredibly colorful and flavorful Mediterranean food.

You can choose a salad or sandwich and top it with as many toppings as you’d like! Everything is vegan with the exception of the meats, feta, and special sauce. I couldn’t get over beautiful my salad looked after I finished picking all my toppings. The portions are also huge and affordable!

Essential Information about Brassica

Address | 680 N High Street, Columbus
Hours | 11am-10pm everyday
Website |

Other vegan friendly restaurants in Columbus worth mentioning

Vegan Businesses in Columbus

Virtue Salon

Virtue Salon is a 100% vegan, eco-friendly, sulfate-free, and paraben-free salon. I think is definitely worth mentioning as it’s not something easily found.

Essential Information about Virtue Salon

Address | 3282 N High Street, Columbus
Hours | 11am-10pm everyday
Website |

vegan columbus ohio

Cat Cafes & Animal Sanctuaries

Looking to hang out with some animals in an ethical way while in Columbus? There are a few options!

Eat. Purr. Love

Eat. Purr. Love is a cat cafe offering time with cats while sipping on coffee, reading a book, or enjoying vegan treats from Pattycake Bakery. They’ve partnered with Columbus Humane and help adopt out the cats!

Essential Information about Eat. Purr. Love

Address | 3041 Indianola Ave, Columbus
Website |

Sunrise Sanctuary

Sunrise Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that provides a loving and permanent shelter for over 170 formerly abused, neglected, disabled, or unwanted farm and companion animals. They have open barn days so check out their website!

Essential Information about Sunrise Sanctuary

Address | Marysville, Ohio
Website |

Columbus Animal Activism

Interested in taking part in animal activism while you’re in Columbus? Here are a few great options!

Local Vegan Resources

My favorite way to get vegan options in a new place is by joining the local Facebook group. The locals will you give the best advice on where to eat, what not to miss and the hidden gems of their city!


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vegan restaurants columbus ohio
vegan restaurants columbus ohio

***This trip was possible in collaboration with Experience Columbus. All of my flights, accommodation, activities, and food were covered by Experience Columbus. Despite who may have footed the bill, all the opinions here are my own and I would never recommend something I didn’t fully believe in and try myself.***

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