Vegan Guide to Eureka Springs + Bentonville, Arkansas

Looking for vegan restaurants Bentonville AR? You may be surprised but there are plenty of delicious plant-based options in Northwest Arkansas!

I’m not sure how many people are going to be searching out vegan restaurants in Bentonville AR and the rest of Northwest Arkansas, but I honestly hope it becomes more popular because I low-key fell in love with this corner of the state.

I visited Eureka Springs and Bentonville for the first time and while my trip was very shortlived, I did cram in as much as possible and have definitely added this area to my must visit again list.

I hope after reading this post, you will realize you shouldn’t be nervous about traveling anywhere and not having vegan options.

I did a ton of research ahead of time by googling restaurants in Bentonville AR and Eureka Springs AR since that’s where I was headed, searching on HappyCow and messaging a bunch of different restaurants so I’m including the ones I actually ate at and the ones that were kind enough to get back to me whether I had time to visit them or not!

While Northwest Arkansas includes more than just Bentonville and Eureka Springs, those are the two cities I visited. Hopefully, I’ll be back soon and I can add more cities to this guide like vegan food in Fayetville AR. 

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Vegan Restaurants Bentonville AR

Native Nectar Juice Company

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vegan options in northwest arkansas

Believe it or not, there is an all-vegetarian spot in Bentonville! I thought this place was only a juice bar which was great enough but they actually have a fairly extensive plant-based menu but, unfortunately, it wasn’t available on weekends.

There were some items that looked so delicious though so definitely check it out!

vegan options in northwest arkansas
vegan options in northwest arkansas

vegan options in northwest arkansas
vegan restaurants bentonville ar

Address >> 3406 SE J Street, Bentonville
Hours >> 7:30a-7p (M-F) // 8a-3p (Sat) // 12p-5p (Sun)
Website >>

The Hive Bentonville at 21C Hotel

Chef Matthew McClure is amazing and the best meal of the weekend definitely occurred here. Their menu is seasonal and changes often.

At the time of my visit, they had several vegan options including a white bean soup (sans bacon), a beet hummus that is both beautiful and delicious, a few different salads and their main vegan entree is Madras Currie Panisse.

I didn’t even know what panisse is but it’s one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted. Turns out its an Italian dish made out of chickpea flour but The Hive Bentonville puts their own twist on it. Just get it! You won’t be disappointed.

After, or before, your meal make sure to check out the art inside the 21C Hotel. I love visiting 21C Hotels – check out my stay at one in Oklahoma City.

vegan restaurants bentonville ar
vegan options in northwest arkansas

Address >> 200 NE A Street, Bentonville
Hours >> 6:30a-12a (Sat-Thurs) // 6:30a-1aa (Fri)
Website >>

The Preacher’s Son

If I could do the trip all over again, I would go here on Friday night and eat at The Hive on Sunday since The Preacher’s Son isn’t open on Sundays.

It looks like they have some great vegan or vegan possible options and the person I spoke with said many items can be made vegan.

The restaurant is located within an old church which is pretty awesome!

vegan options in northwest arkansas

Address >> 201 NW A Street, Bentonville
Hours >> 11a-2p; 5p-10p (M-F) // 5p-10p (Sat)
Website >>

Natural Muse

If you’re looking for a spot to get the Beyond Burger, check out Natural Muse in Bentonville.

According to the person I spoke to, you’ll need to substitute the bun for a lettuce wrap but still a quality option for vegan restaurants in Bentonville AR. 

Address >> 1500 S Walton Blvd, Bentonville
Hours >> 10:30a-8p (M-S) // Closed Sundays
Website >>

Onyx Coffee Lab

Onyx Coffee Lab is located in downtown Bentonville and the coffee shop vibes are on point! They have a few different kinds of plant milk and several specialty drinks on their menu that are marked vegan.

We had the hot chocolate with almond milk and the sporchata – both were absolutely perfect!

vegan options in northwest arkansas

vegan options in northwest arkansas

Address >> 100 NW 2nd Street, Bentonville
Hours >> 6:30a-9p (M-S) // 7a-6p (Sun)
Website >>


Another spot I didn’t get to eat at but I did reach out and they said they’re happy to work with dietary needs and to just let the server know!

Address >> 100 NW 2nd Street, Bentonville
Hours >> 7a-10p (M-F) // 9a-10p (Sat) // 9a-3p (Sun)
Website >>

Ozark Mountain Bagel Company

According to staff, “All of our bagels (except for the ones with added cheese and chocolate chips) are vegan-friendly!”

Go get your bagel fix!

Address >> 214 SE Walton Blvd, Bentonville
Hours >> 6a-3p (M-F) // 7a-1p (S-S)
Website >>

Kyya Chocolate

A chocolate shop featuring dozens of locally made bars, most of which are vegan.

They also have a few vegan truffles and can make hot drinks with coconut or almond milk.


Address >> 111 N Main St, Bentonville
Hours >> 10a-8p (M-F) // 8a-9p  (Sat) // 1p-5p (Sun)
Website >>

Olly Makes Bakery

A gluten free bakery offering a couple vegan options everyday.


Vegan Restaurants Eureka Springs AR

Aquarius Taqueria Tequila & Mezcal Bar

Okay, I’m not even the biggest fan of Mexican food (I know, I know – I’m in the minority here) but I really loved Aquarius Taqueria.

Their salad dressing, rice, beans, tortillas, chips, guacamole and salsas are all vegan naturally so need to ask or change anything!

You can pretty much get almost anything without cheese or crema and be good to go!

vegan options in northwest arkansas

vegan options in northwest arkansas

Address >> 91 S Main Street, Eureka Springs
Hours >> 11a-9p (Thurs + Sun) // 11a-10p (Fri + Sat) // Closed M-W
Website >> facebook

Local Flavor Cafe

I spoke with someone from Local Flavor Cafe in Eureka Springs and they said they can make many of their dishes vegan since they make everything from scratch so definitely check them out!

I wish we had actually tried this place over Grotto but next time!

vegan options in northwest arkansas

Address >> 71 S Main Street, Eureka Springs
Hours >> 11a-9p (M-Th) // 11a-10p (F-S) // 9a-3p; 5p-9p (Sun)
Website >>

Grocery Stores, Health Stores, & Markets

Eureka Market

This was such an awesome find in Eureka Springs. While Bentonville beat Eureka Springs in vegan restaurant options, the Eureka Market was fantastic for finding vegan options.

They actually had some items that I’ve not seen anywhere else!

Definitely worth a stop if you need some groceries during your stay.

Address >> 121 E Van Buren, Eureka Springs
Hours >> 8a-7p
Website >>

Vegan Festivals

I’ve looked for the closest Vegfests to Northwest Arkansas and here’s a list to get you started!

Ethical Animal Tourism

While Northwest Arkansas may not be overflowing with vegan options, it is home to an absolutely amazing wildlife sanctuary. I had the pleasure of staying at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge during my time in Eureka Springs and I’ve become a big, big fan of theirs now.

They are doing amazing work not only giving the animals what they deserve (to the best of their ability) but also being a leader in getting laws changed to combat exotic animal ownership.

RELATED >> Want to read more about Turpentine Creek? Check out my post here.


Arkansas Animal Activism

It looks like there is both a new Save chapter and Anonymous for the Voiceless chapter in Northwest Arkansas that may have been created after I was there and I’m so happy because, unfortunately, this region is so full of factory farms.

Local Vegan Resources

Aside from searching the internet and finding very few posts (although I hope this one is helpful) and relying on HappyCow, you can join the following groups for help!

Have you ever been to Arkansas?? Tell me about it in the comments below ↓↓↓


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  1. Heather

    I haven’t been to Arkansas in a long time and certainly didn’t explore it like I want to. I have to say I love all the names of these restaurants. They are so quirky and creative and definitely draw me in-particularly Pressroom and The Preacher’s Son! I love that you can find vegan options in places you wouldn’t think would have them (such as Arkansas and my home state of Alabama which has them too). And, I’m all about the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge too. You find the coolest places for animal support!

  2. Kimberly Erin Davies

    Interesting, its great that there are quite a few vegetarian and vegan options! I haven’t considered it a foodie destination but I guess so 🙂 I mean, mexican is always amazing and mezcal yes yes!

  3. Andi

    We spent a few days traveling through on our RV trip in 2016. If you hunt and peck you can find decent food options, so I’m really pleased to see that you were able to find vegan options. The South seems like a hard place to do so, but apparently, I am wrong! I hope they continue to have more and more vegan options available!

  4. Janiel

    I wouldn’t consider myself a vegan, but when I have the option of vegan protein vs regular protein, I try to choose the vegan option when I can. Every little bit counts. With how many people are or have become vegan, the demand for places like these are growing. I’m really excited to see they are also working on changing the exotic animals laws as I know that has been a problem in the south for sure.

  5. Jenn and Ed Coleman

    What a great post for practical information. It seems like between changes in menus or dark days, you really need this guide to navigate the Vegan options. Exotic animal ownership is just plain wrong and it’s good to see the organized activism.

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    I remember reading your earlier posts on Bentonville and thinking that it sounded more like a destination than a pass-through as I might have thought a spot in Arkansas to be. It seems like there are plenty of things to see and do. I made note to visit Preacher’s Son. It sounds like a unique Arkansas experience.

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    Nothing is showing under this blog post. We’re visiting Bentonville, AR in a couple weeks and I’d love some suggestions!

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