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Monthly Recap: September & October 2020

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Life was so busy I didn’t even do a September recap so I’m combining them!

Aside from the usual working and everyday activities, I finally went somewhere! I rode along with my friend Jenn and her stepdaughter as they had to get her back to California. So we made a road trip out of it and I went to a whole bunch of places I’ve never been: Denver, Arches National Park, Zion National Park, Big Sur, San Francisco, and more!

October was also the first month that Michael and I went on an actual trip together aside from just a couple of staycations. We went to Ohio to the Mohicans – secluded treehouses! – and went to the Ohio State Reformatory which I’ll be blogging about on Oddities and Curiosities.

Where I Was Featured in September & October 2020

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4 Misconceptions About Travel in the Caribbean, September 2020

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Blog Traffic for September 2020

Really, really happy to see all these positive numbers this month.

  • Monthly sessions for Wild Hearted: 20,340 (+926)
  • Monthly sessions for Oddities and Curiosities: 8,039 (+501)
  • Monthly sessions for Books Beans & Botany:  1,485 (+38)
  • Monthly page views for WH: 28,773 (+663
  • Monthly page views for OC:  14,660 (+557)
  • Monthly page views for BBB: 2,002 (-70)
  • Monthly users for WH: 18,393 (+395)
  • Monthly users for OC:  7,665 (+347)
  • Monthly users for BBB: 1,136 (+133)

Blog Traffic for October 2020

  • Monthly sessions for Wild Hearted: 18,742 (-1,598)
  • Monthly sessions for Oddities and Curiosities: 10,742 (+2,703)
  • Monthly sessions for Books Beans & Botany:  2,061 (+576)
  • Monthly page views for WH: 27,220(– 1,553
  • Monthly page views for OC:  18,132 (+ 3,472)
  • Monthly page views for BBB: 2,614 (+ 612)
  • Monthly users for WH: 17,009 (– 1,384)
  • Monthly users for OC:  10,078 (+ 2,413)
  • Monthly users for BBB: 1,560 (+424)

Social Media for September and October 2020

  • Social media followers for WH: 68,249 (-151)
    • Facebook –  1069 (- 2)
    • Twitter – 30,308 (-38)
    • Insta – 12,471 (-42)
    • Tiktok – 4935 (+ 2)
    • Pinterest – 19,466 (+51)
  • Social media followers for OC: 828 (+10) 
    • Facebook – 264 (+2)
    • Twitter –  299 (-1)
    • Insta – 108 (+ 8)
    • Pinterest – 157 (+1)
  • Social media followers for BBB: 827 (+32)
    • Facebook – 40 (+5)
    • Twitter – 125 (+9)
    • Insta – 631 (+14)
    • Pinterest – 31 (+5)

Most Popular Post

My most popular post in August was this one:

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Most Loved Instagram Post

What I’ve Been Reading…

I made a lofty goal to read 100 books in 2020. And, I’m happy to say, I’ve finished 75 books so far (at the end of October) and I’m pretty happy about that!

I’ve made a goal to read 100 books in 2020. Join me on Goodreads and on my new blog which is all about books and plants and coffee to read in-depth reviews!

Head over there to see everything I read in September and October!

What I’ve Been Watching…


Lovecraft Country
Donnie Darko
The Boys (Season 2)
Enola Holmes
My Octopus Teacher
American Murder: The Family Next Door
His House

The Devil All the Time
The Undoing


We Summon the Darkness
Raised by Wolves
Tragedy Girls
Haunting of Bly Manor

House at the End of the Street
Deaf U

Vampires vs the Bronx


My Bloody Valentine
Hubie Halloween

Currently Listening To…

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