Bird Tourism: Getting Started

Resting in nature brings much pleasure because the modern world offers many entertainment and activities aimed at its exploration and harmonious union with nature, from camping in the middle of mountains or deserts for peace and tranquility to observing nature or mountaineering, which gives unique emotions and joy.

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Watching wildlife has a beautiful effect on a person’s well-being and creates a calm zone for emotional stability. Every tourist who loves active recreation and observing nature knows how many impressions watching animals and birds leave behind.

Ornithology is a science that studies various birds, their characteristics, and behavior, forming global knowledge about them. However, scientists will not be the only ones who will be able to find something interesting in birds.

The greatness of their nature and the view from the tourist’s side give unforgettable impressions and perspectives. Of course, if you are already an experienced researcher, seeing exotic bird species, or relatively rare species, has much more value.

Therefore, when planning your vacation, you should visit places with the greatest concentration and diversity. For example, New Zealand or the countries of Oceania.

The variety of species and their specificity is impressive, so you should make your route past these areas. And if you are planning to discover this new world of noble birds, starting with unique species is a great start. Discover all the magic of flying from a bird’s eye view and perspective adventure.

New Zealand: Land of Rare Birds

Our excursion begins in New Zealand, with incredible panoramic views and breathtaking landscapes. This unique combination becomes the basis for developing gorgeous flora and fauna, including the bird world. It is an ideal place for any tourist and nature explorer.

Big, proud bird species like the Kakapo will capture your mind with their unique voice and nocturnal characteristics. As you know, with its unparalleled appearance, this majestic night parrot is distributed on various islands of Kaptur and Shager, which are the safest centers for this species (of course, to monitor them, you can’t do without a night vision device).

And miniature, but no less charming hummingbirds, whose speed of wings and peculiar body structure give unique impressions and make you stop and watch a rare action.

Ornithologists and conservationists work permanently in this region to protect the population, preserve these rare bird species, and provide comfortable conditions for birds and tourists. So, if your goal is to get rare pictures and experiences of bird research, then New Zealand is one of the regions you need.

Islands of the Pacific Ocean: Paradise for Birds and Tourists

Oceania impresses novice and experienced explorers with its diversity and wildlife features. After all, you never know what wild jungles or barrier reefs hide. The islands of the Pacific Ocean have become an essential center of turbulent bird life. Considering that the region is home to more than 800 species of birds, from huge colonies of various albatrosses and exotic birds to crazy-feathered parrots and shorebirds, Oceania is the perfect place for observation and research.

Of course, the cassowary, this powerful bird with magical feathers, is worth mentioning. It is considered one of this region’s main symbols and attracts ornithologists and tourists who want to get at least a glimpse of this lord. The uniqueness of its coloring attracts tourists, as the bird has rather strange feathers at first glance. You will find something interesting for you.

The safety and protection of all birds in the region is one of the main tasks of zookeepers who create parks or reserves to preserve species and create optimal conditions for the life and development of birds. Therefore, when planning your trip, you should understand that this paradise on earth is entirely their territory. You have a unique opportunity to gain knowledge and experience while considering the interests of the people of Oceania.

Preparation for Bird Tourism

Bird watching has certain peculiarities of preparation and conduct because, sensing even a small danger, the birds leave their location, making your full leisure time impossible. Therefore, we recommend that you prepare to observe and study the types of birds living in one or another region and their characteristics and behavior.

This will help to understand them better and find their places of concentration or residence in a particular area. Also, it will make it possible to understand their life cycles, migration, reproduction, and development because it is exciting to observe such natural processes as hunting or caring for chicks. Such intimate things add value to your research.

Investigate safety issues because you are going into wild nature, which is unpredictable in its manifestations. Even if the goal of your observations is birds, other representatives do not cease to exist around you, so a system of protection and an understanding of certain basics of safe behavior should be the basis of your stay in this or that area. Therefore, closed, sturdy shoes and clothes are necessary for productive work.

Equipment for Active Tourists

When planning bird tourism, you should understand the peculiarities of the lives of birds and their behavior because you will need special equipment for their research.

For example, experienced ornithologists and bird watchers should have binoculars or a monocle with them for observation because it is tough to get very close to the birds, so the ability to zoom in on the image and see the colors is necessary for observation. Of course, the image should be fixed so you will need good optics, a photo or video camera. Firstly, you will be able to recall your adventures more than once, and secondly, with repeated viewings, you can always find something unique that helps in research.

To record your results and observations, having a notebook and a pen for notes with you is essential so that you do not forget important points and your observation is productive.

Many birds are more active at night, so a night vision device that allows the human eye to capture the panorama even in poor lighting conditions and watch birds while awake will be handy. Therefore, consider this when preparing and immediately take it with you.

Food and drinking water are no less important because the observation can last around the clock, and you must replenish the energy balance. Choose snacks with a high energy value so the energy charge is enough for a long time.

Bird watching has many benefits for the individual tourist or researcher and ornithology as a science. Because all the data is collected and based on it, knowledge is formed about specific species of birds, their life, and location. Therefore, the importance of such activity is difficult to overestimate. However, it is worth understanding that the basis for a good observation is the very satisfaction of the process, unhurried observation of nature and a calm, focused process. Your state and the emotional coloring of your activity will become the basis for future discoveries.

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