Dig Deep Under the Surface with These 17 Scuba Diving Puns

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diving puns

Are you a scuba diver or have a scuba diver in your life? You understand the level of obsession and passion that comes with then. And, if you’re not – why not?! Check out how to get started online, at home right now. Take a break from buying yet more gear or planning your next dive trip, to appreciate these amazing scuba diving puns. 

No matter if you prefer freshwater or saltwater, going deep or not, you’ll find a bit of humor in these scuba puns for sure. 

Jump on in and check out these 17 diving puns

What a good buoy.

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Don’t trust the fishes.

diving puns
Comic by @ttonyesp

The perfect patch for your dive gear bag.

diving puns
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A card for your scuba diving love.

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The perfect kind of beach.

diving puns
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Well, that’s one relationship you don’t need.

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Shark puns are the best kind of diving puns.

The only kind of ‘send nudes‘ text we want to get.

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Welcome to procrastination station

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Anyone seen Nemo?

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Apparently sea creatures make for some scuba puns.

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We’ll take this kind of double over a bar any day. 

diving puns
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What it’s like to date as a shark. 

Comic by Mark Parisi

Crash through the surface where they can’t hurt us.

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A bit of a duplicate but it’s just too cute not to include this one in our scuba diving puns.

Which one are you?

diving puns
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Feeling pressured?

diving puns
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Ashley Hubbard

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