Sink Your Teeth Into These 55 Shark Puns

We love sharks and we love puns, so why not shark puns?!

There are over 500 species of sharks, in all different sizes and shapes. And while you might find them a little scary, they’re mostly misunderstood animals.

Keep these handy for Shark Week, or just to impress people with all your shark humor and knowledge.

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shark puns

Shark Puns

1. There’s just some-fin special about you.

2. I think you’re jaws-ome!

3. Come to the shark side…

4. Sharks that steal always mako like a bandit.

5. Go ahead and mako my day.

6. Jaw ready for this?

7. The hammerhead shark always nails it.

8. It’s your birthday – mako wish!

9. You’re basking a lot of questions.

10. I’m frilled to meet you.

12. I chews you.

13. Stay jaws-itive.

14. What’s a shark’s favorite card game? Go fish.

15. Why do sharks swim in salt water? Because pepper water would make them sneeze!

16. What’s a shark’s favorite coffee shop? Shark-bucks.

17. What was the last word of the shark movie? Fin.

18. You’ve got me between a rock and a shark place.

19. Water you up to, mate?

20. This makome off as a surprise, but I don’t bite.

21. If you can be fin-tastic, always be fin-tastic.

22. Who’s the best baseball shark around? Shark McGwire

23. Don’t de-bait me. You won’t win this bite.

24. Did you hear about the aquarium owner? His shark was worse than his pike.

25. What kind of shark is always gambling? A card shark.

26. What’s a shark’s favorite movie? The Shark-shank Redemption.

27. What do sharks order at McDonalds? A quarter flounder.

28. What happened to the shark who swallowed a bunch of keys? It got lockjaw.

29. What do yuppie sharks like to drink? Jaw-va.

30. What’s the great white shark’s favorite candy? Jaw-Breakers.

31. What kind of sharks make good carpenters? Hammerheads.

32. I’ve just read that according to statistics, donkeys kill more people every year than sharks. I’d better watch my ass.

33. What’s a shark favorite substance? Reefer.

34. What sharks are the shortest? Ground sharks.

35. Save a boat. Ride a shark. It’s more eco-friendly.

36. What did the shark plead in court? Gill-ty.

37. What did the shark say when he ate the clownfish? “This tastes a little funny…”

38. Why are sharks hard to trust? They tell great white lies.

39. What’s a shark’s favorite breakfast food? A jellyfish filled donut.

40. What happened to the crab that lost his house? He went to a loan shark.

41. That shark attack really made a splash in the headlines, huh?

42. A new study shows sharks only bite those who swim in the ocean. Researchers advise not swimming there.

43. What’s a great white’s favorite tune? Dun-uh. Dun-uh. Dun-uh.

44. What did the hammerhead shark say to his drinking buddies? I’m hammered.

45. What did the shark say to his wife during a fight? You’re just being jaw-matic.

46. What’s a shark’s favorite meal? Fish and ships.

47. What do you call a dapper shark? So-fish-dicated.

48. Why was the shark so funny? He was fluent in shark-asm.

49. No-fin compares to you, dear.

50. What did the shark get on his biology test? A sea-minus.

51. Did you hear about the psychic shark? It can sea into the future!

52. Where’s the first place the shark visited in Europe? Finland.

53. Who gives sharks presents on Christmas? Santa Jaws!

54. What do a shark and a computer have in common? They both have megabites!

55. What do sharks serve their guests at parties? A sharkcuterie.

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