The Best Shark Gifts for the Shark Enthusiasts

If you haven’t realized it yet, we’re big fans of sharks over here. We love telling people how amazing they are and how absolutely vital they are to the future of our planet. If you or someone you know also loves sharks, then you can’t go wrong getting them shark gifts for Christmas, a birthday, or just because.

Whether it’s a shark stuffed animal, shark string lights, or a fanny pack, there are gifts for shark lovers, no matter their style.

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Shark Gifts – Shark Stuffed Animal

Shark Gifts for the Elasmobranchii Lovers in Your Life

Here’s a list of shark-themed gifts from home goods and books to adventure gear— you may even find a few to put on your own list. 

Home goods and decor for shark lovers 

Shark string lights

These adorable shark string lights are the perfect addition to any shark lover’s room. The lights are eco-friendly and just need two AA batteries to light up the 10 warm white LED lights.

For even more fun, gift more than one set to fill an entire room. 

Shark Gifts – Shark String Lights

Shark laundry basket

That’s right— even sharks do laundry. This handmade felt laundry basket is perfect for the bedroom, bathroom, or laundry room, and, thanks to its material, can be squeezed into practically any small space.

Personalize its teeth color as white, silver or gold and choose between grey or anthracite felt. 

Shark Gifts – Shark Laundry Basket

Shark table lamp

It’s marketed as a kids’ room piece, but let’s face it -– this is perfect for any shark lover’s room. The table lamp features a shark-shaped base made from ceramic in a white glossy finish.

Whether on your desk, side table, or dresser, this lamp is a perfect way to light up the room and subtly share your love of sharks. 

Shark Gifts – Shark Table Lamp

Shark art print

How awesome is this geometric art print? This simple, original, unique print is a great way to add shark love to any room.

Designed, printed, and made in Australia, the print can be shipped worldwide, and if you’re feeling extra generous, you can seal it in a beautiful frame. 

Shark Gifts – Shark Wall Art

Shark duvet cover

A shark is hungry for a nap in the depths of your house. Send your favorite little minnows off to bed in this duvet cover and pillowcase that makes it look like you’ve been a shark’s daily snack.

Created by Peggy van Neer and Erik van Loo in the Netherlands, this bed set comes in twin size (for the littles) and full/queen (for the adults). 

Shark Gifts – Shark Duvet Cover

Pencil sharpener

Do people even still use pencils that need to be sharpened? I don’t know, but I do know you’ll want to once you see this pencil sharpener.

Your little shark friend will use his sharp teeth to give you the sharpest pencil you’ve ever used, all from the comfort of your desk. 

Shark Gifts – Shark Pencil Sharpener

Shark tea infuser

What could make tea time better? A shark tea infuser, duh.

This guy is perfect for afternoon tea, and all you have to do is load the base with loose tea leaves, perch him in a cup, and watch him relax as he makes your tea. 

Shark Gifts – Shark Tea Infuser

Sink strainer

This cute strainer turns any sink into an ocean infested with sharks. While you may dread doing the dishes on any other day, this little guy will help make that daily (or let’s be honest- weekly) chore so much more fun. 

Shark Gifts – Shark Sink Strainer

Shark ice tray

This shark tail-shaped ice tray adds the perfect shark touch to any drink. And no one said it just has to be for ice, either. Make chocolates or other treats in them, too. 

Shark Gifts – Shark Ice Cubes

Shark clothing and accessories 

Fanny pack

Help them showcase their love for sharks in the most fashionable way. Yes, fanny packs are back. This fanny pack opens at the shark’s mouth. Feed it your items, strap it on, and you’re on your way. 

Shark Gifts – Shark Fanny Pack

Enamel pin

Enamel pins like this cute one help the shark lover in your life showcase their love in their everyday life.

Whether it’s on their bag, jacket, or bulletin board at home, these pins are a small way to help them share sharks— and a great stocking stuffer! 

Shark Gifts – Shark Enamel Pin
Photo via SharkCafe on Etsy

Respect the locals patch

Something shark lovers know well – sharks are the locals in coastal cities and beaches. Gift them this patch to add to their bag or jacket so that they can remind others to respect the locals and ethically support sharks

Shark Gifts – Shark Respect the Locals Patch
Photo via SquatchyShop on Etsy

Tiger shark leggings

Shark leggings like these are the perfect fashion piece and conservation donation. 10% of profits from the Tiger Shark Research collection with Waterlust are donated to the shark research and conservation program at the University of Miami. 

Shark Gifts – Tiger Sharks Leggings

Shark slippers

Will you look slightly silly in these slippers? Probably. But embrace it because these shark slippers are the perfect way to stay warm and share your love for sharks.

From sharp teeth and fins to wide-set eyes, the detail of these slippers makes them one of the most perfect shark gifts for adults. 

Shark Gifts – Shark Slippers

Shark Socks

Printing your favorite shark pattern on socks is also great, making your socks warm and cute. Custom socks will be a great creative gift for your friend.

Shark sweatshirt

Casual sweatshirts like this one from Losswe are perfect for your shark-obsessed loved one to sport every day. Not only can you find cute designs, but they’re perfect for the cooler weather. 

Shark Gifts – Shark Sweatshirt

Shark wallet

A shark wallet like this one from Modcloth reminds your recipient why they’re spending all their money on shark stuff… because they’re so cute!

This large, foldable wallet showcases swarming sharks and scenes from beneath the waves and is super versatile.

Shark Gifts – Shark Wallet

Shark Christmas earrings

It’s the most wonderful time of year, and they need the most wonderful gift of the year with these shark Christmas earrings from Modcloth.

These stud earrings feature three swimming Santas: Great White, Hammerhead, and Tiger sharks, all in a bright red Santa hat. 

Shark Gifts – Shark Earrings

Shark Gifts Just For Fun

Ikea plush shark

I’d never suggest you snuggle up to a shark, but get as close as possible with this plush shark! Not only is it as cuttttteeee as possible, but it can be your snuggle bud for the days that you wish you weren’t at work but instead at the ocean. 

Shark Gifts – Shark Stuffed Animal

Great White shark card

Don’t forget a card! Cards like this one from Etsy creator Nautilus Design Co. are perfect to attach to your gift.  

Photo via NautilusDesignCo on Etsy

Shark Gifts For Travel And Adventure

Shark towel

Gift them a towel they will want to use all the time, not just at the beach. I love this one— no one said sharks weren’t sassy. 

Shark Gifts – Shark Towel

AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality PADI Course

Give them a gift that keeps on giving with a course designed to help you learn how to explain the conservation status of sharks, how to manage threats to sharks, and actions you can take to protect sharks. The course includes a classroom session and two open water dives.

Shark Gifts – PADi course

Shark Gifts For Readers

What You Should Know About Sharks by Ocean Ramsey

It’s possible they know everything about sharks… or so they think! This book helps even the most obsessed shark lover learn more about their favorite animal. They’ll be sharing fun facts with you until the next time you need to get them a gift. 

The Devil’s Teeth by Susan Casey

The Devil’s Teeth follows journalist Susan Casey as she joins a strange band of surfer-scientists on a remote island off the California coast for close encounters with sharks. The shark lover on your list will love to learn more from her journey of exploration of America’s Great White Sharks. 

Emperors of the Deep by William McKeever

William McKeever looks at your shark lover’s favorite creatures and how mysterious, misunderstood, and important they are. Anyone passionate about the ocean and its creatures will appreciate this book. 

Shark bookmark

This super cool handmade, die-cut letterpress bookmark is perfect to mark your spot in any book. The bookmark features a shark reading its own book while its safe the spot in yours. 

Shark Gifts – Shark Bookmark

Shark gifts for a good cause

Shark beaded bracelet from 4Ocean

Some shark populations have declined by as much as 80% due to threats like plastic pollution, overfishing, and habitat loss in the last few decades.

Not only is the Shark Beaded Bracelet a beautiful gift, but when you purchase it, you’ll pull one pound of trash from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines while raising awareness about the importance of saving these often misunderstood animals. 

Shark bracelet from Project Hui

This bracelet from Project Hiu is the perfect gift for the simple shark lover in your life. The stainless steel shark fin charm adorns an adjustable rope bracelet.

Proceeds from the bracelet raise awareness and financial aid for Project Hiu’s mission of improving the health of oceans.  

Shark Gifts – Shark Bracelet

Extinction is Forever tee from Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd’s many campaigns fight the extinction of sharks, and this tee is designed to educate the world that sharks are to be loved and protected as part of our vital ocean ecosystem.

Proceeds from their merchandise go directly into funding the ships on campaign documenting and intervening in illegal activities on the oceans. 

Shark Gifts – Shark Tshirt

Adopt a Shark

Adopt a shark on someone’s behalf, and they’ll receive an adoption pack complete with a personalized certificate, factsheets, A4 poster, bookmark and set of shark postcards.

All purchases help fund vital shark research. What better way to purchase gifts for shark lovers. 

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