19 Shark Tattoo Ideas To Inspire Your Next Ink

Looking to get a shark tattoo? Traditional shark tattoos often represent protection, courage, and guidance, especially among seamen. But there are plenty of other reasons to get a shark tattoo.

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After all, sharks are amazing creatures and play a vital role in our ecosystem. And you can simply get a tattoo of a shark just because they’re amazing creatures from the deep. They get a bad rep sometimes, but really, they’re quite fascinating.

In Fiji culture, a shark god protects fishers at sea. In Māori culture, the shark is a symbol of power and victory. Hammerhead sharks, in particular, are known to be the protector of people.

Here are some of our favorite shark tattoo ideas to inspire your next ink.

19 Shark Tattoo Ideas

1. This minimalistic and realistic tattoo

Shark Tattoo – small great white
Tattoo by @littleinkliv

2. Scuba diver and Great White Shark meet again

Shark Tattoo – great white and scuba diver
Tattoo by @SeanKarn

3. This shark teeth tattoo is almost as cool as finding the real thing.

Shark Tattoo – shark teeth tattoo
Tattoo by @dallasconte

4. How cute is this shark with their pink pool floatie?

5. This tattoo is giving off witchy vibes. We love the seaweed and rays in the background.

Shark Tattoo – Witchy
Tattoo by @slugbane

6. A hammerhead duo

Shark Tattoo – Hammerhead tattoo
Tattoo by @cauanzanella

7. The sharks just keep on evolving.

Shark Tattoo – Laser
Tattoo by @vincegenois

8. This distinguished gentleman

Shark Tattoo – Monopoly
Tattoo by @mrhillstattoo

9. Just a little bite?

Shark Tattoo – Shark Attack
Tattoo by @sideshowbrian

10. Sharks but make it art.

Shark Tattoo
Tattoo by @skylerespinoza

11. Dress for the job you want.

12. Shark and scuba diver swimming side by side.

Shark Tattoo – Scuba Diver
Tattoo by @skylerespinoza

13. Mermaids and sharks = best friends.

Shark Tattoo – Mermaid
Tattoo by @kait.deitz

14. You are the shark to my tornado.

Shark Tattoo – Sharknado
Tattoo by @kilgara_tattoo

15. Surfs up!

16. When in doubt, get out your flamingo float.

Shark Tattoo – Pool Float
Tattoo by @passamontisss

17. Shark jawbone knee tattoo

Shark Tattoo – Knee
Tattoo by @zesty_ink

18. Happy Birthday!

19. And a traditional style tattoo!

Shark Tattoo –
Tattoo by @jeronimo_tattoo
Ashley Hubbard

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