Bonnnaroo Packing List: Everything You Need

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Headed to one of the best festivals ever? Here’s the ultimate Bonnaroo packing list to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy the festival!

Despite living in Tennessee for most of my life, Bonnaroo wasn’t something I got to attend until I was almost 30 years old! For a long time, I didn’t even think it was my scene, and then the timing just didn’t work out. But, finally, it happened! And, I found out I was going with less than two weeks to prepare. In those two weeks, I agonized over what to add to my Bonnaroo packing list more than I can possibly describe. 

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For 13 days, I read every forum, guide, and Bonnaroo packing list I can find on the internet because I wanted it to be perfect. I didn’t find one single list that I loved so I decided to put together this Bonnaroo packing list too, hopefully, make it easier for anyone that reads it and is attending Bonnaroo this year!

For our campsite, we ultimately decided to do a little truck camping.  We just so happen to have a truck with a camper top and I thought ‘well, why not just throw a mattress in the bed?’  We have a tent, a very nice one actually, but if it rains the whole time, I really didn’t want to deal with mud and water all in our tent.  So, we found a free mattress on Craigslist, cut it to fit over the wheel well and…TA DA!  Then, we have a 10×10 canopy tent (with walls) which will be our living area.  One side will go just over the tailgate area so that “our bed” will open up into the canopy tent.  Then we have a silver tarp to put over the top of the camper so as to keep it from feeling like an oven in there (read that tip somewhere).

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Here is my ultimate Bonnaroo packing list. Let me know in the comments if this helped you, what I missed, or whatever else! 

Bonnaroo Packing List: Everything You Need

Here is everything you need to make your Bonnaroo unforgettable and enjoyable.

Bonnaroo Packing List: Shelter

First thing first – you need to make sure you have adequate shelter. The sun can be very brutal in Tennessee in June.
bonnaroo packing list


I'd say a canopy tent is almost a must-have. You need shelter from the rain and the sun. The Tennessee sun in the middle of summer can be absolutely brutal. Trust me when I say, you don't want your tent to be your only shelter.

bonnaroo packing list


Unless you're planning on sleeping a truck camper or a hammock, you'll want a tent of course!

bonnaroo packing list

Sleeping Pad

Due to the heat, I don't know that I'd recommend a sleeping bag. I would instead take a sleeping pad, pillows, and lightweight blankets.

bonnaroo packing list


Tarps can come in hand for a lot of different uses. You can use them for underneath the tent to reduce condensation or water if it rains. You can use them over the top of the tent for the same reason. If you're using the truck camper method, putting the tarp over the truck camper (silver side up) will reduce the heat inside. I'd recommend taking several tarps to have on hand.

bonnaroo packing list

Bungee Cords

Bungee cords are extremely useful for things you wouldn't even think of. Just take an entire container of bungee cords with you. I promise you'll use them.

bonnaroo packing list

Zip Ties

Zip ties are useful for so many things. Better to just have them on hand as well.

bonnaroo packing list

Duct Tape

Duct tape fixes everything right?

bonnaroo packing list

Folding Table(s)

This is worth having to set up all your supplies, food, and anything else up inside your canopy tent. I would take at least one of these, but possibly two.

bonnaroo packing list

Camp Chairs

You'll definitely want somewhere to sit at the end of a long day. This style of camp chairs are super comfortable!

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bonnaroo packing list

Solar Powered String Lights

You'll want to have lighting at your campsite because once it's dark, it's dark. Also, it'll help you locate your campsite amongst a sea of campsites late at night when you're stumbling pack from the bathroom. Just make sure to get solar-powered ones. I'd take several strands.

bonnaroo packing list

Battery Operated Fans

Definitely worth having several battery-operated fans! These come in different colors too! Don't forget the batteries!

bonnaroo packing list

Citronella Candles

If you're anything like me, mosquitos will ruin your life. Have several of these in your campsite to keep them away!

bonnaroo packing list


Don't forget the lighter for your citronella candles and...uh, other things!

bonnaroo packing list


You'd be surprised how nice it is to have a homey feel even if you're only there for five days. Take the time to decorate your small campsite!

bonnaroo packing list

Hammock (with stand)

You may find that it's worth it to have a hammock at your campsite. Just remember you only have a 10x10 space. However, perhaps you'd rather sleep in a hammock instead of a tent.

Bonnaroo Packing List – Food & Drinks

Some great food options for your Bonnaroo packing list include:
bonnaroo packing list

Cooler [one for food and one for drinks]

You're going to want a cooler that can keep ice relatively frozen for a long time so I'd recommend a Yeti or something equivalent. I'd take coolers - one for food and one for food.

bonnaroo packing list

Water Cooler

Instead of taking a bunch of bottled water which is terrible for the environment, take a water cooler (fill with filtered water before you leave) and then add ice to it to keep it cold.

bonnaroo packing list

Reusable Dining Set

Don't take a bunch of paper plates, plastic utensils, and plastic cups. Take one set per person to help reduce waste.

bonnaroo packing list

Collapsible Water Bucket & Vegan Camping Soap

In order to wash your dishes for multiple use, take this set!

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bonnaroo packing list

Klean Kanteen

Stay hydrated with a Klean Kanteen. Water stays super cold for a long time with these amazing bottles. You can fill up at your campsite or at the many refilling stations around Bonnaroo.

bonnaroo packing list


Consider also taking a Camelbak for continuous hydration. Seriously, it would be difficult to drink too much water here.

Bonnaroo Packing List – Hygiene

I would definitely pack the following hygiene items for your Bonnaroo packing list. Here’s my zero-waste hygiene kit as well in case you’re trying to reduce your waste while at Bonnaroo. 


Bonnaroo Packing List – Clothing

Bonnaroo Packing List – Miscellaneous

bonnaroo packing list


Make sure to have a few flashlights with you.

bonnaroo packing list


Take batteries with you!

bonnaroo packing list

Portable Battery Charger

You'll be draining your battery so take a portable charger!

bonnaroo packing list

Solar Charger

Charging stations are hard to come by at Bonnaroo so a solar charger could be a real lifesaver!


Find accommodation, read accommodation reviews, and check flight prices. Book attractions, tickets, or guides in advance. Research using these guides or read my other Tennessee posts. See my packing list.

What would you add, take away or change?  How does the list look?  

Psst: Looking for more information on Bonnaroo? Check out a few of our other posts!


bonnaroo packing list
bonnaroo packing list
bonnaroo packing list

bonnaroo packing list
bonnaroo packing list

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