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11 (More) Fun Facts About Nashville

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Since my 11 Fun Facts About Nashville post has proven to be so popular, I decided to give you a second list of facts.  Nashville is such a wonderfully diverse city with so much to offer.  This list brings my total fun facts about Nashville up to 22, but there are so many more too!

11 (more) Fun Facts About Nashville

  1.  Not only is the AT&T Building nicknamed the ‘Batman Building,’ but it is also the largest building in the state of Tennessee.
  2. The Seeing Eye, Inc was started in Nashville by a blind Vanderbilt student, Morris Frank.
  3. A Nashville native, William Walker, became the president of Nicaragua.  No other American has become president of another country.
  4. Inside the Parthenon, is a 42-foot tall statue of Athena – the largest indoor statue in the Western hemisphere.
  5. Printer’s Alley was full of speakeasies during Prohibition – most of these these bars are still there presently.
  6. The Hatch Show Print was opened in 1879 and is still one of the oldest print shops in the country.
  7. The black and white granite stools in the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park symbolize a successful sit-in movement at segregated lunch counters in Nashville.
  8. Oprah Winfrey was raised in Nashville.  As a sophomore at TSU, she was hired as news anchor – becoming the first female and first African-American in Nashville to do so.
  9. Gaylord Opryland Hotel is the largest non-gaming property in the US.
  10. Nashville hosted the Grammy’s in 2012, making it the only time it has taken place outside of LA – ever.
  11. Nashville has the highest concentration of people working in the music industry per capita than anywhere else in the world.

What other fun facts do you know about my hometown?  


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  1. Denise

    I spent a week at the Opryland Hotel several years ago. Loved every minute of my time in Nashville. One of my favorite burger joints just closed up here in Michigan and moved to White House. They are called ‘Jaws”. I may have to visit the Nashville are soon to get my burger fix.

    Denise at My Life in Retirement My Benelux Adventure

  2. Amazed to know that you cannot own a pet cheetah in Nashville, Nad one of my favrouite thing about Nashville is the only scale replica of the Greek Parthenon

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