9 Denver Vegan Restaurants to Try in the Mile-High City

Vegan restaurants in Denver are not an unheard-of concept. In fact, Denver is home to a plethora of plant based vegan options. Everything from delicious comfort food to healthier menu items can be found in the Mile High City’s food scene.

There are well-known spots like City, O’ City but also hidden gems like Somebody People. So don’t be shy – and don’t forget the stretchy pants!

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Vegan Restaurants Denver

Vegan Restaurants in Denver

1. City O City

City, O’ City is a vegetarian restaurant that has been serving food since 1998. From dishes like seitan wings to lemon tarragon pasta to poutine, there’s an option for every taste bud.

This spot is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night.

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill
Cost: $

Vegan Restaurants Denver - City, O' City
Photo courtesy of City, O’ City

2. Meta Burger

Meta Burger is known for its burgers. In fact, they were voted the #1 plant-based burger restaurant in the world.

But, they have plenty of other options as well.

Neighborhood: Parker Point
Cost: $

Vegan Restaurants Denver - Meta Burger
Photo courtesy of Meta Burger

3. Vital Root

Vital Root is a plant-based restaurant focused on healthy ingredients. They’ve got a number of dishes including soups, salads, and small plates like yuca fries with queso.

They’ve also got a wide range of Asian-fusion dishes including falafel wrap, pad Thai, and more.

Neighborhood: Mountain View
Cost: $

Vegan Restaurants Denver - Vital Root
Photo courtesy of Vital Root

4. Watercourse Foods

Watercourse Foods is a vegan comfort food option in Denver. They’ve been around since 1998 and really put their money where their mouths are.

They focus on utilizing local vendors, and sustainable business practices, and like to give more than they take.

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill
Cost: $$

Vegan Restaurants Denver - Watercourse Foods
Photo courtesy of Watercourse Foods

5. Wellness Sushi

Vegan sushi anyone? Wellness Sushi is home to Denver’s first 100% vegan sushi restaurant. They offer hot ramen, onigiri, and plenty of yummy rolls.

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill
Cost: $$

Vegan Restaurants Denver - Wellness Sushi
Photo courtesy of Wellness Sushi

6. The Corner Beet

The Corner Beet is the place to start your day with a selection of toast, bowls, salads, and coffee. Everything is also 100% organic.

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill
Cost: $$

Vegan Restaurants Denver - The Corner Beet
Photo courtesy of The Corner Beet

7. Somebody People

Somebody People is a vegetable-forward dining experience serving up rustic Mediterranean fare.

This spot was born out of a love for David Bowie and the desire to bring healthy Mediterranean food to Denver.

Dishes include things like mushroom polenta, tiramisu, and an extensive drink menu.

Neighborhood: Washington Park West
Cost: $

Vegan Restaurants Denver - Somebody People
Photo courtesy of Somebody People

8. Bang Up to the Elephant

Bang Up to the Elephant is a bright and cheery spot serving Caribbean cuisine.

They serve things like housemade seitan, Jamaican jerk, fried plantains, and much more.

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill
Cost: $$

Vegan Restaurants Denver - Bang Up to the Elephant
Photo courtesy of Bang Up to the Elephant

9. Make Believe Bakery

Make Believe Bakery is a 100% vegan bakery that also specializes in allergen-free baking.

They make all sorts of desserts including cupcakes, soft-serve ice cream, pastries, sweet potato cinnamon rolls and so much more.

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill
Cost: $

Vegan Restaurants Denver - Make Believe Bakery
Photo courtesy of Make Believe Bakery
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