14 Vegan Restaurants in Chicago That’ll Be The Highlight of Your Trip

Chicago may be known for their hot dogs, deep dish pizzas, and messy sandwiches, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of vegan restaurants in Chicago.

From healthier choices to straight-up comfort food, Chicago has a little bit of everything and is easily one the most vegan friendly cities.

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Vegan Restaurants Chicago

Vegan Restaurants in Chicago

1. The Chicago Diner

With a location in Lakeview and Logan Square, The Chicago Diner has been meat-free since 1983. Their menu is eclectic and delicious.

You’ll find everything from housemade tamales, Thai chili wings, and vegan milkshakes.

Neighborhood: Lakeview and Logan Square
Cost: $

Vegan Restaurants Chicago – The Chicago Diner
Photo courtesy of The Chicago Diner

2. Plant Junkie

Plant Junkie is a vegan NYC and Chicago mini-chain offering plant-based comfort food including sandwiches, global-inspired bowls, and homemade cookies.

Neighborhood: The Loop
Cost: $$

Vegan Restaurants Chicago – Plant Junkie
Photo Courtesy of Plant Junkie

3. Alice & Friends Vegan Kitchen

Alice & Friends’ vegan menu makes a variety of Asian dishes and American food including Korean BBQ, Tom Ka Noodles, and Noble Burger.

Neighborhood: Edgewater
Cost: $$

Vegan Restaurants Chicago – Alice & Friends Vegan Kitchen
Photo courtesy of Alice & Friends’ Vegan Kitchen

4. Kale My Name

Kale My Name offers a wide variety of globally-inspired vegan dishes including everything from tacos to burgers.

Additionally, they also have gluten free and soy free items marked on their menu and they’ve been nominated for best brunch in the country by VegOut.

Cost: $$

Vegan Restaurants Chicago – Kale My Name
Photo courtesy of Kale My Name

5. Urban Vegan

Urban Vegan is known for their Thai food. No need to worry about fish sauce here. You can find a vegan option of dumplings, orange chicken, curried tofu skewers, and more.

Neighborhood: Uptown
Cost: $

Vegan Restaurants Chicago – Urban Vegan

6. Original Soul Vegetarian

Original Soul Vegetarian (Soul Veg City) has been “serving food as medicine” for more than 30 years. From BBQ, fried cauliflower, and apple pie, there is a vegan comfort food option.

Neighborhood: Chatham
Cost: $

Vegan Restaurants Chicago – Original Soul Vegetarian
Photo courtesy of Original Soul Vegetarian

7. Althea

Althea is a fine-dining restaurant featuring new interpretations of traditional dishes. Their menu includes pizza, burgers, curries, and noodle bowls.

This is definitely the most upscale vegan spot in Chicago.

Neighborhood: (7th floor of Saks Fifth Avenue)
Cost: $$$

Vegan Restaurants Chicago – Althea

8. Amitabul

Amitabul offers Buddhist Korean cuisine merged with Western tastes to create their vegan food. With everything from savory pancakes to noodle salad to ginger tea, there are plenty of options.

Neighborhood: Norwood Park
Cost: $$

Vegan Restaurants Chicago – Amitabul

9. Sam & Gertie’s

Sam & Gertie’s is an all-vegan Jewish deli featuring classics such as knishes, bagel sandwiches, latke, and smoked whitefish salad.

Neigborhood: Sheridan Park
Cost: $

Vegan Restaurants Chicago – Sam & Gertie's
Photo courtesy of Sam & Gertie’s

10. Fons Empanadas

Fons Empanadas offers colorful vegan empanadas featuring global flavors. Flavors include chorizo cheese & potatoes, pulled BBQ, lumpia, margherita, apple cinnamon, and more.

Neighborhood: Lincoln Park, The Loop, and nationwide shipping
Cost: $$

Vegan Restaurants Chicago – Fons Empanadas
Photo courtesy of Fons Empanadas

11. Healthy Substance

Healthy Substance is a Latin restaurant offering traditional dishes including vegan tamales, gorditas, and burritos. The restaurant is decorated with pictures of historical activists and Joaquin Phoenix.

Neighborhood: Garfield Ridge
Cost: $$

Vegan Restaurants Chicago – Healthy Substance
Photo courtesy of Healthy Substance

12. The Updog Stand

The Updog Stand is a vegan ode to Chicago’s famous hot dog stands and features kosher beef-inspired Updogs.

Neighborhood: West Town
Cost: $

Vegan Restaurants Chicago – The Updog Stand
Photo courtesy of Upton’s Naturals

13. Upton’s Breakroom

Upton’s Breakroom is owned by Chicago-based natural foods brand Upton’s Naturals. Their menu includes items such as nachos, mac n vegan cheese, sandwiches, and milkshakes.

The same space is home to Chicago’s first vegan donut shop – Liberation Donuts.

Neighborhood: West Town
Cost: $$

Vegan Restaurants Chicago – Uptown's Breakroom
Photo courtesy of Upton’s Naturals

14. Vaca’s Creamery

Vaca’s Creamery serves vegan soft serve via their walk-up window. They offer sundaes, shakes, and lots of toppings.

Neighborhood: Pulaski Park
Cost: $

Vegan Restaurants Chicago – Vaca's Creamery
Photo courtesy of Vaca’s Creamery
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