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Looking for a great place to stay in Sarasota, Florida?  I’ve found just the place.

Great location? ✔
Vegan options on site and nearby? ✔
Eco-friendly? ✔
Adorable and luxury charm? ✔

My family and I stayed at Hotel Indigo Sarasota a couple weeks ago for three nights.  Three nights was definitely not enough and we loved every minute of it.  Find out why I personally think Hotel Indigo is an excellent choice for any type of trip to Sarasota.

The Hotel

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Welcome to Hotel Indigo in beautiful Sarasota, Florida! This trip to Sarasota was very last minute and very quick. As soon as I knew it was happening, I went into my super-duper planning mode and started looking for just the right hotel first. Okay, maybe I started looking for food first. Don’t judge. (Which, by the way, I did find plenty of food). Next, came the hotel though, I swear. I feel confident that I couldn’t have been happier with any other choice than Hotel Indigo. Not only did it have the necessities – a comfortable bed, wi-fi, great location, and friendly staff but it also had some great surprises that I wasn’t expecting.


When we first got there, I headed to the front desk and was greeted by very friendly and helpful staff.  The check-in process was beyond smooth and efficient – there’s nothing I hate more (okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme) than a check-in that takes twenty minutes.

From the front desk, you can see the dining area and bar – a lovely mixture of modern and ocean themed decor awaits you.  They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the H2o restaurant and bar and even have musicians playing live music some evenings.


After that, we parked the car in the garage and headed to the 4th floor which also happened to be the top floor.

The Room


All of the rooms had beautiful turquoise colored doors – one of my favorite colors!  When I first walked in the room, I realized just how charming this place was – a table with a refillable water pitcher, local coffee, two extremely comfortable beds, mini-fridge, a place to hang dry your bathing suits, a wardrobe with robes and slippers and a HUGE walk-in shower.






Now, for the charming part – HAIKUS!  I love haikus and they are everywhere.


Environmentally friendly haikus.  I’m in love.



The pool


I absolutely adored the pool area at Hotel Indigo. It involves a small, intimate space with a gorgeous mosaic fountain and the most adorable matching hot AND cold pools.  I wish we had stayed longer so I could truly enjoy it.



The gym

I, admittedly, didn’t do any exercise on this trip (except of the eating variety) but I did go check out the workout room and I was shocked.  This was probably the best hotel exercise room I’ve ever seen.  Not only did it actually have most everything you would need for working out (most hotels don’t!), they also had refrigerated towels (REFRIGERATED TOWELS, Y’ALL), clean towels already placed in each machine and much more.

Basically, it made me want to work out and that’s not always so easy.



Hotel Indigo is a dog friendly hotel – $100 deposit per stay – two dog limit – 35lb limit.


Hotel Indigo had a few eco practices in place that I really loved.

Skip Housecleaning // they made several points to skip house cleaning to conserve and be more eco-friendly. They even take $5 off your NIGHTLY bill for skipping housecleaning.

Hydration Station // use those refillable water bottles at the hydration station conveniently located in the lobby.  You can also use the refillable glass pitcher in your room.

Vegan Options

I wouldn’t say Hotel Indigo specifically gears anything towards vegans.  However, if you’re like me and you check things out, you’ll be surprised to find a number of vegan options that will work in a pinch.

The H2O restaurant has a boca burger on their menu.  There are also a number of things available to purchase by the bar such as fruit and other snacks and drinks.  Additionally, on the 3rd floor – they have a HEALTHY vending machine!  You don’t see those too often.  It’s stocked with things like Justin’s peanut butter cups, veggie straws, etc.  Not everything is vegan but there were many items in there that I know to be vegan.

Also, Hotel Indigo is within walking distance of several vegan options and in great driving distance of the rest.  Less than a couple miles away you’ll find Lila, Ionie, Beauty of Sprouts, Whole Foods, Crop Juice and more.  Check out my vegan guide for all the details.


Have I mentioned the location is great?  Almost all the restaurants I wanted to visit were within a couple miles.  It was only minutes from the beach.  Siesta Key Beach (#1 beach in the US according to TripAdvisor) is the closest and about 15 minutes away.  I personally really enjoyed going a little further south to Turtle Beach (sand isn’t as soft or cool but it’s not crowded) or even futher south to Venice to hunt for sharks’ teeth on the beach (post coming soon!)

Additionally, if you don’t mind a little bit of a drive, you can go North to the Tampa Bay area – Clearwater, Indian Rocks, Caladesi Island, Honeymoon Island and many more beaches.


Hotel Indigo is definitely reasonably priced.  This room, with two queen beds, runs about $150-$160 but you can get some great deals through Booking.com as well.  Regardless, for a room that sleeps four people – I’d say that’s a heck of deal!

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Ashley Hubbard

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  1. Kara

    Great post Ashley! I 2nd this hotel. It was absolutely awesome. Being health conscious and pretty darn picky about a lot of stuff, this was one of the coolest hotels I’ve ever had the opportunity to stay. I’ve stay at places all over the world. So impressed by the healthy vending options, fitness room and hot/cold pools. They are more like a large spa, which is perfect since when you are close to the beach that’s where you want to go! The shower. Oh, my goodness! Like several people could be in there at the same time. And, no, the family didn’t share their shower time! Beautiful hotel with perfect hospitality and lots of amenities included! Check it out!

  2. Juliann

    I love hotels like this. Ones that you enter and immediately feel like you have the weight of your bags off your shoulders. A place where you know they’ll be prepared for whatever you need to feel comfortable — without you even having to ask. It’s all been taken care of. I love hotels that make you feel like this right when you walk in.

  3. Katie

    This hotel looks so “Florida” to me! It makes me really want to visit FL again…it’s been so long and I must make a trip to Sarasota!!

  4. Ann

    I’ve never stayed in an Indigo hotel, so I read your review with interest — I love the clean, modern vibe and theme of the Indigo Sarasota. I particularly like the idea of skipping a day of maid service for reducing the carbon footprint — we all know that washing towels everyday is one issue — but running the vacuum takes a lot of energy as well. Kudos to the Indigo for this one.

  5. Ivy

    What a charming little hotel! I love the turquoise accents in the room and the homey decor. Huge walk-in showers are always a big plus!

  6. Jenn and Ed Coleman

    What a beautiful property. I love that it is walking distance from Siesta Key. There is a big difference between being on the beach and being near the beach. Near the beach means that you have to keep thinking about maximizing your beach time for each visit. That always leaves me with too much sun and too much sand. Walking distance from the beach means that you can keep walking to there as much as you want. You can walk there for sunrise and sunset. You can walk there for low tide to search for shells. It’s like it’s your beach.

  7. Julianne

    I love the color scheme going on in this hotel and in your room! The turquoise is so pretty, and I love the ocean themed decor in the lobby. Any hotel that writes haikus and is eco-friendly is a winner in my book. Love that it’s only minutes from the beach, too!

  8. Cat

    I couldn’t imagine it only cost $150-$160 a night to stay here. The room looks so spacious with such friendly services and amenities! I could totally see myself spending so much time at the hot and cold pools 😛

  9. Allison Wong

    Such a quirky hotel! The bamboo wallpaper is so eye catching!

  10. Andi

    Hotel Indigo looks exactly like the kind of hotel I love to stay at, I’m in love when they make real efforts for sustainability. Nothing drives me crazier than for people to stay on short 2-3 day trips and get new towels each and every day – ack! The little reminders are pefect for nudging people along.

  11. Jen

    What a great place to stay, and I love that they have vegan options! And the haiku is so cute haha I appreciate it when hotels deliver directions in a fun way 🙂

  12. Susan Ripley

    I love the look of this hotel! The design is great – so sleek and chic. Love the jungle foliage on the grounds too. It’s also important to me to support eco friendly hotels. This is a great find!

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