5 Great Destinations to Visit in October

Going on holiday in October is perfect for enjoying the last blasts of sunshine in many places around the world. In some places, it is the best month to enjoy wonderful displays of nature at its best. Here are five of the best destinations to visit in October.


Throughout October, Barcelona enjoys delightful beach weather during the day and chilly nights making it one of the best and most reasonably priced European trips during this time of year. The exquisite food and drinks are the best as per European standards. In addition to the weather and the great mood in the city at the time, the football season is at its peak during this time, making a trip to Barcelona’s football ground Camp Nou a must-do.

If you’re arriving on the day of a match, make sure you’ve booked your transport from Barcelona airport in advance so that you don’t waste time queuing for taxis.  Overall, the city offers a delightful experience of historic Catalonian cultural spots. Since its October, the prices come at a bargain as well as compared to the city’s neighboring regions.

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destinations to visit in october


With the seasonal crowds departed, infrequent showers and relaxing charges before the winter break, October is the ideal time to visit the Big Islands – Hawaii. The Hawaiian archipelago has a lot to offer. Kauai is well-known for its clandestine swimming spots and pleasant native bars. Oahu and Maui are the places to be for foodies and surfing enthusiasts.

With over 30 miles of beautiful beaches, Hawaii offers a range of opportunities for tourists to enjoy themselves – hanging out on the slopes of a volcanic crater be one of many amazing options.

destinations to visit in october


The ideal autumn beach destination, the Mediterranean island of Cyprus offers a rich history and heterogeneous culture complemented by its heavenly climate and fantastic seashores. The month of October is the best time to visit the island’s less-explored interiors which are as beautiful as the island’s beaches. The must-visits include the Troodos mountains and the Cotswolds of Cyprus where tourists can spend time in the region’s delightful vineyards, hillside communities, and welcoming tavernas.

destinations to visit in october


October is a great time to go on holiday to Bangladesh, it is a beautiful month of seasonal transition for its tourists. There are quite a few hurricanes in Bangladesh between the months of October and November, making the weather ideal for an adventurous trip to the Sundarbans, the world’s biggest stretch of mangrove forests.

Apart from catching a glimpse of the Bengal Tiger, a trip to the country’s budding capital Dhaka is highly recommended, especially to the Cox’s Bazar town – the number one domestic tourist destination of the region.

destinations to visit in october

Greek Islands

Of all the small and lovely Greek Islands, Dodecanese and the Cyclades are two which remain pleasantly sunny even in October. Complimenting the lovely weather are some extraordinary beaches overlooking the Aegean and Ionian seas. Right from Rhodes to Lindos the islands are covered with ancient ruins and tourists celebrating life. For island hoppers, Symi, Santorini, Nisyros, Mykonos, and Patmos – are all must visit islands.

destinations to visit in october

Be it the fantastic autumn displays of culture or the local flora and fauna– October presents a great chance to visit these amazing places.

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