Civil War Sites in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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Traveling back in time and visiting historical places is very significant in my opinion.  While it’s important to live in the present and it’s fun to look towards the future, there is a lot to be learned from spending a day in the past as well.  Being in the South, we’ve got plenty of Civil War sites where I’m from.  My hometown, Franklin, is home to the Battle of Franklin – known as the bloodiest battle of the Civil War.

Civil War Sites in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

For the sake of this post though, I’m going to share the Battle of Stones River that took place in Murfreesboro, Tennessee – just 30 minutes away from Franklin.

The Battle of Stones River began on the last day in 1862 with the Confederacy starting out very strong.  Bragg expected Rosecrans to retreat on New Year’s Day but Rosecrans was stubborn and held out.  Knowing he couldn’t hold his position much longer and knowing the Union would be receiving reinforcements, Bragg ordered a retreat on January 2nd.

In just a three day battle, there was estimated to be just under 25,000 casualties.

Fortress Rosecrans: The Civil War’s Largest Fort

The fortress was built in the first half of 1863 following the Battle of Stones River and was the largest fort built during the Civil War – covering almost a mile wide.  It became a logistical support for the Union’s push into the South.

civil war, murfreesboro, tennessee


Stones River National Cemetery

Today, more than 6,100 Union soldiers are buried in Stones River National Cemetery. Of these, 2,562 are unknown. Nearly 1,000 veterans and some family members, who served in the century since the Civil War are also interred there.

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Do you enjoy visiting historical sites during your travels?  What about military history in particular?  Or, do you think it doesn’t really matter?

**I’m no history expert.  If I’ve somehow screwed up the facts, please let me know.

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