Top Winter Destinations Around the World

Top Winter Destinations Around the World

I know it’s only just fall, but if you are wanting to head somewhere this winter, now is the time to start planning your… top winter destinations around the world!

When it starts to get cold we try to go places where it is not. At least, we try to go places where if there is a bit of cold, there are plenty of activities we can do to keep us busy. Following are a list of some of the top winter destinations around the world for you to enjoy during your winter season. Some are off-season and warm, some blend in with the winter season itself, but all seven of these places are sure to deliver a winter vacation that is absolutely fantastic. 

Top Winter Destinations Around the World

Costa Rica

The best time to visit this beautiful Central American country is between December and April. This also happens to be the peak season for tourism, but that’s okay if you are looking to escape the cold. The only drawback is this tends to be a more expensive time to visit as well, however the dollar tends to stretch a bit further in Costa Rica no matter what time of year it is.  Be sure to book your room at least three months in advance so you will be guaranteed a spot of paradise to enjoy snorkeling, beach lounging, awesome dinners, and everything else the country has to offer.

Top Winter Destinations Around the World
Rocky Beach at Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Lake Tahoe

This place is absolutely stunning year-round, but if you visit during the winter season and then be sure to bring a camera to snap pics of all the snow capped scenery. Even better, Don your ski jacket, gloves and ski mask, and go tackle the slopes yourself. Lake Tahoe boasts some of the finest ski resorts in the world and they are sure to please even the most avid skiing enthusiast.

Top Winter Destinations Around the World
Heavenly Tahoe


If you find yourself globetrotting then you definitely want to make this Austrian city one of your stops on your travel schedule. Innsbruck turns into a winter wonderland at the first snow of the winter season. Tourists and skiers flock there to tackle the fresh powder and enjoy a good time. The city absolutely comes alive with its old world charm and scenery. You will feel as if you have stepped back in time walking through the beautifully lit streets and sampling the cider and other great foods that the Christmas season has to offer there.

Top Winter Destinations Around the World


This Colorado town has been drawing visitors for decades. It is quirky and fun, but the reason that people flock there is simple; the ski slopes. Thousands of people each year scale the mountain in hopes of having a killer downhill run. At night feel free to relax in one of the many restaurants with a hot drink and stories of the day. Make sure you book your trip in advance to take it vantage of lower rates and also guarantee that there is a vacancy.

Top Winter Destinations Around the World
Telluride, Colorado

Tel Aviv

During the winter it is far too cold for swimming in the Mediterranean, but at night you will notice the beaches are a popular gathering spot for tourist during this season. Also, Tel Aviv is not as kosher as the rest of Israel so international culinary fare is pretty much the order of the day. The city comes alive at night with nightlife and bars that are hard to find in other parts of the world. A beautiful and enchanting place, make sure to book your reservation early.



If you feel getting closer to nature then this Canadian picturesque city is certainly for you. Although Banff is known for catering to people who would much prefer to stay in a hotel than roughing it, if you love nature then the hiking here is absolutely phenomenal. You can climb up the face of the mountain or take one of the hiking trails and explore the wonders of nature. You can also take the lift up to the slopes and spend an afternoon skiing the powder until dusk. Whatever you choose to do, Banff is a skiing village unlike any other.

St. Martin / St. Maarten

Think of this as exploring two different islands for the price of one. You can explore the French side of St. Maarten and garner some great duty free retail finds. The shopping here is extraordinary and some of the best in the world. Then, hop over to the Dutch side of the island to enjoy their casinos and all that the nightlife on offer. The nightclubs and bars of St. Martin are legendary. The city comes alive at night and moves to its own rhythm into the wee hours of the morning. The experience of both worlds are sure to delight. Make sure you plan ahead to get the best rates and guarantee your reservation.

Philipsburg, St. Maarten

All of these top winder destinations around the worlds are fantastic in their own right – whether escaping the winter weather or embracing it is your thing.  As with any travel experience, preparation is the key. Should you choose one of these destinations make sure you begin planning at least 3 to 4 months in advance. Hotels tend to fill up quickly and flights can be astronomical if you wait until the last minute. Beyond that, choose wisely and have fun exploring your top winter destination.

Do you try to escape or embrace the winter weather?  Where else would you add to this list?

Ashley Hubbard

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  1. Miriam of Adventurous Miriam

    Your picture of Lake Tahoe is absolutely gorgeous! Snow and minus degrees are suddenly not all that bad with a scenery like that!

  2. Sandra @ Tripper

    For me snow is so rare that I would definitely look for those spots. Thank you for the tips. It’s a great inspiration for those who think you only travel in a “certain” time of the year 🙂

  3. Katrina

    Ahhh, this list is such a tease! We were watching a travel show on Costa Rica last night and were all agog at how affordable the hotel accommodations were!

  4. Lauren

    These are some great choices! I’d love to go to Costa Rica especially.

  5. I’ve been to a few of these destinations. My favorite of course was Costa Rica. We are heading to Israel in November and going swimming in the Dead Sea.

  6. Lily Lau

    I love snow, who doesn’t? In my city it only snows once or twice a year, so I’d definitely go to those fairy tales destinations!

  7. roberto

    I never had snow some day we will visit the place ,just planing time now for the trip.

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