Dollywood Attractions – 8 Reasons To Visit

Even though I grew up in the Nashville area, I have only been to Dollywood twice. Once when I was younger that I hardly remember and once as an adult when I was going to college in Knoxville.  Most of this was probably due to the fact that growing up, we had season passes to Opryland.  Damn, I miss Opryland so much and still have negative feelings that they closed it down.  Sore spot, right there. So, I was extremely excited to head to Dollywood on Opening Day this year.  And, this year marks the 30th anniversary! Let’s take a look at 8 attractions at Dollywood!

Dollywood Attractions – 8 Reasons to Visit

1.  Themed Festivals All Year Round

Throughout the year, there are five different festivals to enjoy at Dollywood. As a traveler, I was happy to find that the Festival of Nations was happening during the first month of opening.  

The festivals include amazing shows, performances, and food! The five festivals include Festival of Nations, Barbeque & Bluegrass, Great American Summer, National Southern Gospel & Harvest Celebration, and Smoky Mountain Christmas.

A little bit of everything for whatever is your cup of tea!

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Attractions at Dollywood

2.  Craftsmen Creating Amazing Souvenirs

I think it’s pretty amazing that there are real wood carvers, blacksmiths, and more that use the same skills that have been used for many years.  

You can still watch them at work even if you don’t want to buy something!

Attractions at Dollywood

3.  The Rollercoasters!

I love, love, love thrill rides. Dollywood has a great mix of rides, including America’s first winged coaster, Wild Eagle, and one of the best wooden coasters in the country, The Thunderhead.

4.  Location, location, location

Dollywood is a great park, but the fact that it is set in the Smoky Mountains makes it that much better!

The views are absolutely amazing. Make sure to tack on extra time to your trip to visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

5.  The Signage

I’m a big fan of signs and typography. And Dollywood definitely does not have a shortage.

Attractions at Dollywood

6.  The food

Funnel cakes, kettle corn, country cookin’ – need I say more?!

Attractions at Dollywood

7.  The live music

What would Dollywood be without the music and entertainment? I would say the shows are one of the biggest aspects of this theme park which sets it apart from others. 

8.  Chance to see Dolly Parton

I figured going Opening Day, we had a decent chance of seeing Dolly Parton herself, but as we were getting ready to leave, nothing.

Then we noticed her van pull up in the parking lot, so we waited around for a bit and got to see her!

Have you ever been to Dollywood? What are some of your favorite Dollywood attractions?


Ashley Hubbard

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  1. Sarah Elizabeth

    Aaaah, this looks lovely! How silly am I that I didn’t even know Dollywood was a thing?! Love her, can’t wait to visit! xx

  2. Is it weird that my kids have no idea who Dolly Parton is? Or perhaps my daughter knows her as that old lady that Miley Cyrus does a Jolene duet with. Still, I think the promise of roller coasters, funnel cakes and kettle corn would lure them into Dollywood. Pairing it with an excursion to Smokey Mountains NP sounds like a great trip.

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