Popular Travel Destinations In The US To Check Out This Summer

Looking for a new place to escape this summer or your next travel destination in the US? With countless landmarks, charming towns, and a lot of states, it can be hard to choose between one of them.

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Whether you are from the US and want to see something new or travel from another continent, you will find exciting opportunities to explore vibrant cities, engage in arts and culture experiences, or glimpse inventive gastronomy.

You can hike in the mountains, relax on a beach, discover historical facts, and have fun partying until the sun rises.

So, if you’re planning a trip to North America and want to find the best itinerary, you can use this list of some of the most popular cities to inspire you.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a hub of excitement, packed with a combination of activities meant to please outdoorsy enthusiasts, art lovers, wanderers of all ages, and foodies, as this city is famous for some of the best restaurants and chefs in the United States.

The glorious Golden Gate Bridge is a must-see location in the city, one of the new world’s modern wonders and the most photographed bridge anywhere. Make sure you take some good pics, and if you need a genuinely breathtaking postcard, you can head to the Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point.

Then, you can relax at Golden Gate Park because it offers beautiful sights like gardens, monuments, playgrounds, and picnic spaces. In the summer, you will find a lot of sports events or weddings here!

Suppose you are up for more adventurous times. In that case, you can see the Alcatraz prison, a famous military fortification, and a former federal penitentiary built on a tiny island named Alcatraz Island.


Known for its world-class art, vibrant shopping districts, and iconic attractions, Chicago is an excellent place to choose as your next destination. You will need to plan a fair amount of time to visit Grant Park, which is the home area of very famous cultural institutions like the Art Institute of Chicago, Shedd Aquarium, or Adler Planetarium, offering impressive collections.


The capital of Massachusetts, Boston, is a fun city with plenty to do no matter your taste. Boston offers the benefits of an extended and organized place, including Logan Airport parking services, where you can leave your car for an extended amount of time while exploring the city.

An exciting route includes the Freedom Trail in Massachusetts, representing a walkable tourist attraction in Boston’s historical sites. Then you can relax in the Boston Common, the oldest public park in the country, where you can participate in some activities like going to a theater or musical performance.

You probably heard so many things about Harvard University; now you can see it in real life. The place offers impressive college locations, such as Harvard Square, The University, and Memorial Hall.

If you want to visit a nearby location, you can book a flight and go to Rhode Island, where the Newport Jazz Festival will take place in the summer. If you’re into sports, the International Tennis Hall is where you can discover more information about the tennis stars.

Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy in the summer, why not choose an area famous for its beaches? Choose between the Santa Monica Pier or Zuma Beach, and spend time on one of the most legendary beaches in the United States. As an alternative, you have the hiking option, and you can go to Runyon Canyon Park and be mesmerized by the incredible views.

Visit Hollywood studios and get behind the scenes of your favorite movies; go and have the bird’s-eye view from Griffith Park of Downtown LA or immerse yourself in theater shows and art exhibitions. If you are heading for a next adventure and want to visit another city, like New York, you can leave your car in the LAX Parking and return back to it, after you have drawn an impression about the new place you visited.

New York

You have finally decided to visit the city that never sleeps, so expect to have many activities to enjoy here. New York has flourishing arts, fashion looks, and nightlife scenes, from the soaring skyscrapers to the monuments. The first and most exciting stops are Central Park and the Empire State Building, a landmark structure in the middle of Manhattan.

A visit to New York City would only be complete with the ferry ride to see the Statue of Liberty, so make sure you check it off your list.

New York is the place to be if you want to attend some summer festivals. TSQ Live in Times Square, Forest Hills Stadium Centennial concerts series, and SummerStage are just a few names of the events you can have fun at.

Final words

Summer is one of the most beautiful seasons to plan your travel destination, and choosing the US is a great option.

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