A Vegan Guide to Louisville, Kentucky

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While New York, Chicago, LA, Portland and others get all the vegan fame in North America – for good reason – other cities don’t get talked about as much and definitely not many cities in the South.  Living in Nashville though has definitely proven that there is a good vegan scene to be found in many other cities than just the ‘Top 10’ we all read about.  A couple weeks ago, I took the 3 hour drive north to visit Louisville.  I had tickets to a concert and aside from the concert, my main goal was to check out as much vegan food as I could.  I actually don’t think I stopped eating the whole time and felt so sick driving home from over eating but it was so worth it.  Check out my vegan guide to Louisville!

Flora Kitchenette

1004 Barrett Ave |

Flora Kitchenette was the very first place I checked out in Louisville.  I hadn’t eaten breakfast on purpose so I would be plenty hungry.  I got the pancakes and roasted potatoes and I also got two donuts to take back to the hotel.  Everything was absolutely amazing.  That cinnamon butter – I could definitely eat it on everything and those potatoes were amazing too.  Would definitely go back to this place next time!



Roots/Heart & Soy

1216 Bardstown Rd –

Heart & Soy and Roots are connected restaurants – both all vegetarian – and both focusing on Asian cuisine.  I only tried Heart & Soy – the quicker, less expensive of the two while Roots is the more sit-down, pricier.  I had the pad thai because I have to have pad thai everywhere I go and got a thai iced tea!  Thai iced tea is one of my favorite things ever even though its practically sugar.

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Zen Garden

2240 Frankfort Ave –

Zen Garden is another all vegetarian Asian restaurant – two in one city is pretty awesome!  I got the crispy mushrooms which is a pretty popular dish and I definitely found out why!  By this point, I was so full so I had to take most of it back to the hotel room for later and it was just as good as leftovers.



Ramsi’s Cafe on the World

1293 Bardstown Rd –

I originally wanted to go to Ramsi’s after the concert since they’re open until 2AM but I was just too exhausted to get back out and not all that hungry so I went Sunday morning for brunch.  I didn’t realize until I was there that it was a buffet only and I was worried I wouldn’t find enough to eat to make it worth it (Ramsis is an omni menu with vegan options) but the buffet chef just happened to be vegan himself and went over all the items that were vegan and there were a TON!  This was definitely one of my favorite meals in Louisville.  A mixture of so many different foods and so good.



619 Baxter Avenue –

Morel’s is really new and when I visited there whole menu hadn’t started yet but what they did have, was absolutely amazing.  The owner is also the owner of Louisville Vegan Jerky and while I never loved jerky, I know this is a good product.  Their new menu launched June 1st and I couldn’t wait to go try it out.


Half Peach Bakery

4121 Oechsli Avenue |

Half Peach Bakery was a nice way to end my trip.  It’s a little out of the way so I headed there on my way out of the city.  Even though the name says bakery, they have lots of entree options as well.  I got another thai iced tea here because they’re my favorite!  These apple fritters were out of this world too!  LOUISVILLE VEGAN

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Annie Mays

3110 Frankfort Avenue |

Another great bakery option is Annie May’s!  They’re not all vegan but they are gluten free and nut free with a ton vegan options including vegan soft serve!  I got the cinnamon roll and an oatmeal creme pie.  I didn’t eat the oatmeal creme pie until the next day because they aren’t something I normally eat but it ended up being one of the best things I ate all weekend.  So good!



I can’t believe I fit all of this in within 24 hours.  I’m both ashamed and proud of myself.  In my defense, a lot of it went back home with me and I shared it too!  I absolutely can’t wait to go back and try out some other places as well as try some new dishes at the places I already went.


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