Travel Business Cards with a Blogger’s Personal Flare

I knew that once I started traveling, and even before I left, I would want some business cards to hand out.  I have seen some hideous travel business cards though and business cards that leave no lasting impression whatsoever and I knew I didn’t want that.  After seeing a few posts from other travel bloggers that went with Moo, I knew these were the ones I wanted too (see that rhyme there?).  I wanted something that people would hopefully remember.  I decided to only put my logo, email address, website URL, and Twitter handle.  I didn’t want to load it down with too much social media info.

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Travel Business Cards
They even come in this nifty little box.

All the pictures I chose to use on mine.

Moo was extremely simple to use, didn’t hurt my wallet, and I received them extremely fast (within a week of ordering them).  I only ordered about 100 in case I wasn’t as happy with them as I expected to be.  That definitely wasn’t an issue at all though.

The reason I wanted to go with MOO is because you can custom design your cards with your own photography.  You can choose anywhere from 1-50 (I went with 12 different ones) of your own images for the back side of the card and your logo and contact information for the front.  The other thing I was pleasantly surprised about was the thickness and sturdyness of the cards.  They are definitely not flimsy like most business cards.

It’s hard to pick my favorites.

Travel Business Cards
Soooo pretty…I don’t even want to give them out.

These are going to be fantastic to hand out to sponsors, companies, other travel bloggers, or just anyone that you want to check out your work.

Do you use business cards for your travel blog?  Have you found any benefit out of doing so?

*I was not in any way compensated by  I’m actually not even an affiliate for them…yet.  I just really like these cards and was super excited to share.

Ashley Hubbard

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  1. Kerry Ascione

    They are awesome! I never heard of Moo. I made my travel blogger business cards on Vistaprint; fortunately, they had a photo of my favorite place in the world – The Alhambra in Grenada, Spain. But for my next batch of cards, I may look into Moo. I’m sure your cards will make a great first impression!

  2. Syd

    Oooo pretty! I just got business cards as well, although mine are a lot simpler because I did a three-color deal. However, I got them for free because my boyfriend is sponsored by Cadence Promotions (they do everything from printing to embroidered tshirts to car wraps), so no complaints. Haven’t handed any out yet because I never seem to have my wallet when I need it! Gotta work on that…

    1. Ashley Hubbard

      Thanks Syd! Free is alwayyyyys better. I handed out one, but more because I’m being selfish about them haha

  3. Davide

    I recently created my business cards with Moo as well and I am very happy with the result, can’t wait to start handing them out!

  4. Sammi

    Awesome business cards Ashley πŸ™‚ my friend has been using Moo for a while & her cards always look great, just like yours do.

    1. Ashley Hubbard

      Thanks Sammi! I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say one bad thing about them πŸ™‚

  5. Rachel

    Your cards look awesome! I especially like you can have just an image on the back and not bother with more details.

  6. Erin

    Those are beautiful! It had never even occurred to me to get business cards. What a great idea!

    1. Ashley Hubbard

      Thanks Erin! I don’t really know what gave me the idea, but I figured they’d be great and easy for when I’m traveling and want to give my contact info to someone πŸ™‚

  7. Christy

    Yes, I saw the rhyme. LOL!! I had never heard of Moo before. Thanks for the introduction.

  8. Stephanie

    I’ve never heard of Moo. I will have to check them out as I ADORE the idea of using my own images and can pick a mixture of card styles.

  9. Samantha @mytanfeet

    Very cute! I never heard of Moo, we made ours ourselves and were pretty proud of them actually. Maybe I will check them out when we’re traveling long term, I like the idea of using your own photography.

    1. Ashley Hubbard

      If I was good enough, I’d make them myself too haha. πŸ™‚

  10. jeanae

    WOW! These look amazing! I was hesitant to try MOO, but you have convinced me to give them a shot. I am sure that it helps if you take great photographs. I really love the shots that you used.

    1. Ashley Hubbard

      Thanks so much Jeanae! I know I sound like an affiliate, but I’m really not…they are that good πŸ™‚

  11. Valerie

    I used Vista Print for my first batch. I’m going to look Moo for the next order, I really like that you can use your own images! Thanks for the tip!

  12. Calli

    They look really great Ashley! I’d be a bit tight fisted handing them out as well πŸ™‚ We have been playing around with the idea to get some business cards made as well so I am really glad to hear more good things about Moo. We will have to check them out.

  13. Krystal

    I love that each card is different – very unique~

  14. Nicky

    These cards are fantastic! I have never of Moo, but am very impressed. I’ll consider them when I need a printer. I run a food blog and hadn’t thought about getting business cards. But now think it would be a great idea.

    1. Ashley Hubbard

      Ohhhhh business cards with pictures of food on them would be amazing! Do it πŸ˜€

  15. Michael Huxley

    I am so going to get some of these from Moo, I have been to another company for the ones I have now and I am less than impressed. I have seen these ones a few times now and they are great quality.

    As a side note I think it is seriously important for anyone who wants to promote their blog/website/business to have business cards. I’ve lost count of how man times in general conversation people have asked me about travel, when I tell them about my books and site it is so easy just to hand them a card rather than expecting them to remember your site name and address.

    Plus it feels pretty damn awesome too! ;D

    1. Ashley Hubbard

      It makes you feel all adult-like, doesn’t it?! And, it’s a lot more professional than just writing it on a napkin or something haha. Excited to see yours when you make the change over πŸ™‚

      1. Michael Huxley

        We’re proper grown up and professional now! Haha! We’ll swap cards! ;D And by the way, I absolutely love your logo and design!

        1. Ashley Hubbard

          Yay, card swap! πŸ˜‰ Why thank you very much…it’s all slowly coming together πŸ˜€

  16. Jess

    I really like your cards! I got mine from Office Max and I’m pretty happy with them, but I’m planning on using a site where I can customize more next time.

  17. A Brit and A Southerner

    Really like these Ashley! Considered getting business cards before but I think after reading this we may go ahead and place an order after designing them. I agree with Mike’s comments above that if you are seriously considering your blog to go viral and create a wider audience, business cards are an integral part of this because you never know where you may be that you need to share your info with them.

    1. Ashley Hubbard

      Thanks Chris! I really was impressed with them and will probably order more before leaving. They don’t take up much room in my backpack and it never hurts to hand them out to whoever!

  18. Shelly Maynard

    These are AWESOME! If I were handed one of these, it’s definitely a card that I would hang onto and remember! I will have to check out so I can add some personal photos to my cards. I don’t travel blog but it’d be fun for people to see sites around Lynchburg! Stopping by from SGBG!

    1. Ashley Hubbard

      I think they’re great for anyone-not just travel bloggers. If you take photos of any kind, they would be fun! Thanks Shelly! πŸ™‚

  19. Sharon

    They look awesome! Now I want some, but I don’t think I would have much opportunity at all to hand them out.

  20. Marie-Carmen

    Nice! I really wish I would have done some too but at the end I’m pretty sure I would be too shy to end them over! But yours looks so pretty I might consider going with those guys if I ever do business cards!

  21. Globalmouse

    Mine are about to arrive from Moo!! I’m so excited so it’s great to hear you’re really happy with yours πŸ™‚ They look fantastic, love the variety of photos.

  22. Beth

    Your cards look fab! When I first got mine I had such a hard time giving them out, but now I love letting people pick their own card πŸ™‚

    Thanks for linking to my post!

  23. Dawn Kealing

    Those are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I am thoroughly jealous, I definitely need to get me some of those!! πŸ˜€

  24. Tara Gorman

    I love these!!! I have some, but they are definitely outdated and I went the free route which means no custom design unfortunately – but I want to get new ones and these are gorgeous! I will check Moo out ASAP πŸ˜€

    1. Ashley Hubbard

      Thanks Tara, I think you’ll really like Moo if you decide to go with them πŸ™‚

  25. Thanks for this post. I am always writing my blog down on scrap pieces of paper, I really need to get some business cards lol

    1. Ashley Hubbard

      Glad you decided to get some, you’ll love them! πŸ™‚

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  29. Sweet cards! I cant tell you how good it is to have a business card. Way less awkward than writing your number on a napkin or something like that. I really enjoyed your blog.

  30. Ayla

    Oh I love them! Have been looking for a decent site to get some business cards from so I’ll be heading over to Moo straight away! πŸ™‚

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