Vegan Food in Taiwan | Destination Cravings

Vegan Food in Taiwan | Destination Cravings

Taiwan has been repeatedly listed as one of the world’s hottest destinations for Vegans and being a Vegan now myself – I’ve realized that traveling is going to take on a whole new shape for me now.  Even before I was vegan, Taiwan has been a place I’ve anticipated after seeing places like Taroko Gorge and Ho Ping Island. I’m excited about this new adventure and learning to explore the world with a different mindset but I also realize it will create its own challenges too so when I know there is plenty of vegan food in Taiwan…I am ready to fly immediately!

According to Wikipedia, 13% of Taiwan identifies to being a vegetarian – making it the largest population of vegetarians anywhere in the world.  Even those who don’t identify as vegetarian or vegan at least understand it, eat at meat-less restaurants and give recommendations.  Sounds pretty great to me!

Taiwan has so many great options for Vegans – everything from markets, street food, Vegan restaurants, vegetable and fruit stands and more – and here are just a few things I’m most excited about experiencing when I visit Taiwan!

Steamed Buns

I’ve had steamed buns before.  Here in Nashville, we have many, many food trucks and one specializes in steamed buns!  Something about that gooey-ooey doughy mess with delicious fillings makes these buns a major comfort food!

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Vegan Food in Taiwan
Photo via Eat Away

Sweet Potato Balls

Sweet potatoes, flour, sugar and fried in oil – what’s not to love?!  It’s like sweet potato fries in ball form and that sounds absolutely wonderful to me even if its not too healthy.

Fruitful Food

This isn’t a specific dish but instead a specific restaurant.  In fact, it is a meat-free, upscale buffet!  Yep, sounds amazing doesn’t it?  They have dishes ranging from curries to pastas to sushi and more!  Do you have any idea the damage I could do at a Vegan buffet??

Stinky Tofu

So, I don’t know that I’m salivating at the mouth at the title of this dish.  I’ve heard of stinky tofu before but had no idea how it was made.  Apparently, the original version is often made with coagulated duck blood.  Fear not though – there are Vegan options available at night markets so you can still try this traditional dish!  Just make sure you get the right one…

Photo via Wikipedia


Let me let this sink in for you – ALL VEGAN SUPERMARKET.  Yep, heaven does exist.  I can’t imagine going to the store and not having to read ingredients.  Not only this, but you want have to shop and see the meat or seafood or dairy section of the grocery store.  Double win! This alone has me wanting to book a ticket right now.  Again, I say, all Vegan supermarket.

Vegan Food in Taiwan
Photo by Eat Away

Vegan Heaven

There is one main reason for visiting here and that my friends is Vegan macaroons found at Vegan Heaven.

Photo by Vegan Heaven

Keelung Night Market

Keelung Market is apparently the ‘it’ place for not only food but also Vegan food.  The Caffeinated Vegan put together a lovely post with directions and all on Keelung Night Market for Vegans.  You can get everything from curries, noodles, noodle soups, soups, tofu dishes and desserts – all cruelty free!

Vegan Food in Taiwan
Photo by The Caffeinated Vegan

Barbecue Corn on the Cob

I love corn on the cob.  I know it’s super simple but I just love it and I love trying different variations.  Finding corn on the cob in Taiwan is pretty common and it looks delicious!

Taiwanese Burrito

The famous Taiwanese burrito consists of vegetables in a peanut sauce and then obviously wrapped up burrito-style and who honestly doesn’t love a burrito?

Honorable Mentions

A Vegan restaurant that I’ve heard is must visit for the raw Vegan dessert menu alone is Ooh Cha Cha while About Animals is a cosy bar that is known for its kimchi burgers!  I’m finally learning to love kimchi so I’d love to try these!

So, have I made you hungry enough to want to visit Taiwan yet?  I know I’ve done it to myself and I haven’t had breakfast yet so it’s just bad over here.  I’m simultaneously going to go make breakfast and search flights to Taiwan.

If you too find yourself wanting to visit Taiwan simply for the food – and even if you aren’t Vegan – what better time to do it then during the 2016 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition from August 5th to 8th?  This year’s theme is “Taiwan’s Era of Pure Food,” where all the fine ingredients and original flavors are going to be highlighted in this massive food exhibition.  Now is definitely the time to go ‘eat your way through Taiwan.’

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    I definitely would not have guessed that Taiwan would be so vegan friendly. Since it is closely-associated with China (for better or worse…whole other discussion there!) I would have assumed many dishes would heavily feature pork. It is great to see that there are many traditional dishes that can enjoyed regardless of dietary preference. 🙂

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