Traveling to the OBX With Your Pet? Here’s How You Can Plan A Perfect Trip

Having your furry friend by your side as you explore the Outerbanks can be a great feeling for many reasons. First, you will have an adorable companion on the trip. Second, you and your little friend will get to spend quality time with each other.

But, is the trip going to be so easy and convenient?

Traveling with your pet is undoubtedly an exciting adventure idea, but it comes with several challenges. To ensure that your trip is free from trouble, here are five quick tips to help you plan your travel to OBX with your beloved pet.

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1. Pack Efficiently

As you are traveling with someone who needs stuff but won’t be able to carry it on his/her back, you must ensure not to overpack or underpack.

Start with a list of items that you are going to need. Place your stuff in a different suitcase so you can easily find it when needed. And use a comfortable backpack that doesn’t hurt your back.

Don’t forget to pack your dog/cat’s favorite toy. This will keep him/her engaged throughout the trip.

2. Use a Carrier or Crate

To keep your pets within your reach, it’s advisable to carry them in comfortable carriers or crates. Obviously, this won’t be possible for a “big boy”, but if your pet is small in size, a crate will save the day for you.

In many regions, a leash may also be a necessity, so don’t forget to pack that.

3. Book Accordingly

We can’t just assume that the first hotel we visit will be pet friendly. If you have traveled with your pet in the past, you may know how some hotels claim to be pet friendly, but their pet rooms are not what you’d choose for your buddy.

Also, many times, these pet rooms may be located far away from your room.

As you are planning a trip with your pet, you may want to spend more time with him/her.

Fortunately, you can find pet friendly rentals in the Outer Banks region. To avoid inconvenience, thoroughly check the reviews, ratings & location.

4. Know About The Place Before You Visit Them

Different towns on the Outer Banks have different rules regarding pet travel. To avoid last-moment inconveniences, you must learn enough about the place and its rules before visiting.

For example, in Nags Head, leashes are mandatory at all times. Plus, the leash should not be longer than 10 feet. On the other hand, Kitty Hawk’s beaches allow pet dogs and cats to roam between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m freely.

Such knowledge about the place will help you have a pleasant experience.

Wild Colonial Spanish Mustangs on the dunes and beach in northern Currituck Outer Banks

5. Bring Their Favorite Food

If you are not sure whether you will be able to find your pet’s favorite food on the OBX, don’t forget to carry it in your bag.

No one knows about the challenges that you may have to face along the trip. To keep your buddy well-fed, bring their favorite edibles along.

The Outer Banks region of North Carolina is a tourist destination that attracts hundreds and thousands of travel enthusiasts every year. But traveling with your pet is a unique experience that can also be tricky for you.

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