Getting Strong and Fit with a Vegan Lifestyle

Plant-based diets are becoming more and more popular each and every year. People choose to switch to a vegan lifestyle for many different reasons, and health is one of them.

It avoids many foods that are high in saturated fat meaning it can lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. But what about athletes?

Many people still believe that to be a successful athlete, you have to consume tons of meat to get your protein fix but try telling that to tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, or world-famous boxer David Haye.

Getting strong and fit on a vegan lifestyle is just as possible for those self-proclaimed herbivores as it is for everyone else.

1. Pack in the Protein

The myth that animal meat is the only efficient source of protein for humans is one that has haunted the vegan world for decades. But it is just that, a myth.

In fact, animal protein has been linked to all sorts of health problems, from diabetes to cancer. Plant-based whole foods, including leafy greens, broccoli, chickpeas, tofu, all types of beans, peas, lentils, and seeds are packed full of protein.

If you are looking to get stronger, prioritize these foods in your meals. There are tons of meat substitutes out there. 

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2. Always Add Veggies

Vegetables are underrated when it comes to being strong and fit. Not only do they stimulate the cells in your body to work properly, which includes muscle growth, but they keep your digestive system moving, avoiding that sluggish, after-meal feeling that everyone knows all too well.

Plus, their high protein content has already been mentioned but is worth being brought up again. When it comes to health and fitness, vegetables are basically freedom foods; have as many and whichever ones you want, whenever you want them!

3. Carb Up

Contrary to popular belief, carbs don’t have to mean heaped platefuls of pasta. Complex carbs are whole foods that are rich in fiber and starch – healthy carbs if you will.

Sweet potatoes, carrots, beetroots, whole grains, seeds, and nuts break down slowly in the body and restore the energy in your muscles, aiding repair and recovery.

Avoid anything heavily processed, but stocking up on the whole grains and oatmeal will help you get strong and fit. 

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4. Supplements

Sometimes, to get the strongest and fittest that you can possibly get, you need a little boost and a push in the right direction. Getting this from supplements can be the answer.

There are so many different varieties, flavors, and methods of taking supplements, the most popular in the fitness world being powders. A popular vegan supplement in the bodybuilding world is turkesterone as it has powerful effects on performance and gains that are similar to steroids. is a reputable source of this supplement and it has an extensive amount of information on the benefits.

5. Weights and Strengthening Exercises

Weight training is a given if you want to gain muscle mass, whether you are plant-based or not. Lifting weights has other benefits like boosting your mood, preventing osteoporosis, and stimulating natural growth hormones that aid muscle growth.

Weightlifting isn’t just for the huge guys at the gym lifting barbells that weigh more than two of you put together; start with weights that challenge your muscles, but not too much.  

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6. Rest and Recover

As with anyone who exercises, no matter what their diet, you need to give your body time to rest, recover and replenish itself. Giving your muscles time to rest allows them to repair themselves and grow stronger.

Rest and recovery are absolutely essential for anyone that wants to get strong and fit.

Vegan diets are lean and full of nutrients, and it is completely possible to get strong and fit while maintaining this healthy lifestyle.

Ashley Hubbard

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