Mind Blowing Diving Spots In Europe

There are many reasons for booking a vacation to Europe. And for those who love the outdoors and spending time in the water, planning your dream diving holiday will quickly become one of your most significant motivating factors. 

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If you are after an adventurous and exciting diving holiday filled with curious exploration and phenomenal nature, wreck diving and cave diving in Croatia will tick all your boxes. Located in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia has many outstanding diving sites, with warm, crystal-clear waters that could rival any Mediterranean holiday.

Explore the Flamingo wreckage, which sunk in 1914 and has become famous for being a dive site in near-perfect conditions. Found just a few miles from Pula, it is perfect for a day trip out in the water. Alternatively, you can tackle the many underwater caves in the area, with Bezdan being a popular choice. The cave drops 60 meters and will allow you to fully explore and appreciate the beauty of the water. 


Norway may not be the first place you think of when planning your next diving vacation, but taking a trip to the Lofoten Islands will leave you speechless. Large formations of kelp, a wide range of fish species, old wrecks, and much more make these waters unique and exciting to explore. 

If you are lucky enough, you will be able to catch sight of the majestic and famous killer whales that visit these clear waters throughout the year. It may be on the chilly side, but the unique experiences of this incredible country will make it worth your time. 


If you are after a holiday paradise with beautiful beaches, comfortable holiday resorts, and picture-perfect diving spots, Tenerife will quickly become your dream location. The pleasant temperatures make it the ideal place all year round, giving you maximum flexibility when scheduling your next vacation. 

A swim in Montaña Amarilla, found on the southern point of Tenerife, will play host to impressive volcanic rock formations, all visible through crystal clear waters. The warm temperatures make the nearby reef a well-populated spot to view a wide range of sea marine life. 


If you love shipwreck diving, a trip to Cyprus should be on your travel list. Here, you will find the MS Zenobia, a large RO-RO ferry that sank just one trip after her maiden voyage. She is located near Larnaca and has been resting on her port side for nearly 30 years. 

Because of its depth and location, it offers challenges to both beginner divers and those most experienced among us. A visit to the car deck will allow you to see the various objects, like trucks and cargo, that sank alongside her. 


Lanzarote is the northernmost spot of Spain’s Canary Islands, and it is considered one of the best destinations for all kinds of holidays. It has the perfect combination of sprawling beaches, comfortable summer days, and breathtaking diving locations. With warm temperatures and rich marine life, you will not be short of pleasant experiences. 

A shallow cave dive will take you to volcanic rock formations in Lala. These lava tubes and cavernous formations are an excellent illustration of the island’s volcanic history. For more advanced divers, La Catedral is a massive cave with a sheltered position that attracts impressive angel sharks, moray eels, and many other marine animals. 


Anyone who has gone to Italy knows there is a lot to do. From indulging in delicious foods, strolling the historic cities, and visiting one of the official World Wonders, you may not feel like you have the time to include diving. 

However, making the time will give you a chance to explore historic archaeological dive sites and swim among a diverse array of marine life. One of the biggest appeals of diving in Italy is the very affordable price for a fantastic diving opportunity. 


If you plan to incorporate diving into your next Greece vacation, make a stop at the Island of Chios. Here, you will find amazing underwater caves, massive and colorful reef formations, impressive rock formations, and tempting shipwrecks. 

This location is ideal for those still new in the diving game, as the clear waters and comfortable temperatures make it a safe and intimidating spot. 


Malta is a small island of just 122 square miles, meaning you are always close to the coast, no matter where you are. There are counterless diving spots, with snorkelers and scuba divers often seen along the shores. Malta has a varied combination of reefs, caves, and wrecks to explore, making it one of the best places to see and enjoy. 

With many reefs, wrecks, and marine life, visiting Gozo Island will not disappoint you. The crystal clear waters are the perfect backdrop for nature photographers to capture the area’s beauty. Alternatively, you can head to Comino Island and enjoy the famed blue lagoon that is popular amongst tourists and locals alike.

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