Coffee and Sustainability: 3 Things Coffee Lovers Need to Know

We are living in a time where it’s more important than ever for everybody to do what they can to improve the condition and health of our planet. But while it’s easy for one person alone to feel insignificant compared to the amount of work that has to be done, the fact is that any changes made by any single person could make a huge difference over time. Small changes will combine and come together to eventually make a significant impact. And if you are a coffee-lover, there are several sustainable habits that you can develop when enjoying your favorite drink for a guilt-free experience. 

Landfills are a huge problem all around the world today, and they are destroying natural habitats, rendering huge land areas completely useless, and polluting watersheds with toxins. And the worst part is that it doesn’t need to be this way. Disposable products are often not necessary, but people still use them out of convenience. So, how can you change your coffee drinking habits to become more sustainable?

Avoid Single-Use Products

Whenever you are getting your favorite drink from your local coffee shop, ask them if they would be able to make it in your reusable cup rather than giving you a single-use cup. Not only will your coffee taste better when you drink it out of a proper cup, but it’s also much kinder to the planet – and if you drink a coffee every day, that’s a huge 365 cups per year you’re preventing from going into landfill.

While single-use coffee cups might be convenient, they are having a devastating effect on the environment, to the point where many coffee chains are now encouraging customers to bring in a reusable cup by offering a discount to those who do. 

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coffee and sustainability

Support Eco-Friendly Coffee Brands

There are now many different ways to make your own coffee at home, including coffee pod machines, which are becoming one of the most popular home appliances to own since they are easy to use, there’s a huge range of coffee pod options available, and they can help you save money compared to getting a coffee from your favorite chain.

However, one of the problems with many coffee machine pods is that they are not recyclable. If you have a pod coffee machine at home, you can make a difference by supporting eco-friendly coffee pod brands that offer fully recyclable products for you to use. Check out the frequent deals on eco-friendly coffee pods here. 

Invest in a Reusable Filter

If you have a filter coffee machine at home, you can instantly make it more environmentally friendly by investing in a reusable filter. Paper filters might be cheap and accessible, but there are many reasons to consider avoiding using them including the fact that they are not kind to the environment and most of them are bleached with chlorine. When these coffee filters inevitably end up in landfills, they seep trace amounts of chemicals known as dioxins into watersheds where they are distributed to growing plants and have a negative effect on the planet.

A reusable filter is the best way to avoid contributing to this. If you’re unable to get a reusable option, consider paper filters that are completely chlorine-free, recyclable, and produced by an eco-friendly brand that’s committed to improving the planet with its products. 

As a coffee-lover, it might be devastating to hear the impact that coffee is having on the planet. But the good news is that whether you like to get your coffee from a local coffee shop or make your own at home, there are several things you can do to reduce the environmental impact. 

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