Coming To Las Vegas? Here’s Some Casino Etiquette You Will Want To Know In Advance

Las Vegas, city of liquid luck, ace of hearts of America, world of the gambler – and you’re heading there! There’s little that’s more exciting than a trip to the incredible Las Vegas, especially if you’re going to hit the world-famous casinos, but that excitement’s going to quickly get dampened if you don’t have some casino etiquette in your back pocket to help you out. No one wants to look like an idiot in front of the other gamblers, but what “do’s and “don’ts” should you be following in the casino? Meanwhile, to hone your skills before the trip, you might want to experience online gaming at NZ casinos, where you can practice and learn the ropes in a familiar environment.

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There’s more etiquette than you might expect when it comes to stepping into a casino, and while you might think it’s just about not standing in the way of people wanting to use machines or not smoking in certain parts of the casino or shouting at the dealers, there’s actually a whole bunch you need to learn if you want to be a considerate gambler. If you’re coming to Las Vegas, knowing your casino etiquette basics in advance is crucial to having a great time and making yourself popular in the casino.

None of us like looking like a fool in front of others, and if you’ve never been to a casino before – or even if you have – it’s unfortunately pretty easy to do! That’s why we’re going to use this article to unlock some of the top etiquette rules for casinos and figure out what you should (and shouldn’t) do to make sure you’re a good “guest” while you’re there. Let’s get the “dice” rolling!

Don’t Drink Yourself Silly

Okay, so we all know that a big joy of heading to a casino is that you get to relax a bit, and for a lot of us, that’s paired with drinking. Many casinos play on that by serving free alcohol to their customers, creating a win-win where the players are happy and stay in the casino for longer – but if that causes you to think that you can be blackout drunk, there’s going to be a problem. It might seem like a great time to you initially, but let us assure you, it’s not a good look.

So, how much do they let you drink? Since everyone handles alcohol differently, you will not find a simple rule of “X beers and you’re out,” so you’ll have to use your better judgment here. If you’re making other guests uncomfortable or you’re becoming disruptive, you can pretty much guarantee yourself a ticket out of the door. You’ll also find that most casinos will only serve you one drink at a time, so don’t expect to find yourself surrounded by fancy cocktails or high-end martinis. You need to keep the drinking balanced and not make a pest of yourself. This rule applies to many of the top casinos you might visit in Europe, too, so it’s not just Vegas that limits the drinking!

Dress To Impress With The Ultimate Finesse

Silly rhymes aside, the clothing you wear to a casino might not seem like it matters that much – who cares if you’re wearing mud-caked dungarees and a flamingo-shaped hat if you’re spending money? But it’s actually kind of a big deal, even with the more casual casinos. If you want to roll up in flip flops, a bikini/swim shorts, or a mishmash of other clothing, you’re going to want to check the casino’s rules on this in advance. Some are a bit more laid back during the daylight hours, but come nighttime, you’re better off going for some fancier attire.

Button-down shirts or collars will hit the right note for men, while blouses and skirts are a better option for women. Avoid things that are damaged or dirty, and leave off the slippers and fluffy bathrobes unless you’re absolutely sure it’s accepted at the casino you’re going to be visiting. A casino’s dress code is considered part of its overall vibe, so a lot of the places you go will be pretty keen to maintain this!

Do Your Homework Before Starting

There’s no way to know who’s going to be playing next to you at the table, and no pro player wants to listen to the dealer explain the rules fifty times a night every night to every rookie who sits at the table. Don’t be that guy (or gal) who sits down and expects all the rules to be laid out for them before anybody can play! You can get all the basics of the rules (plus a few cool tips and tricks) for pretty much any game online, so check out the rules before you join a table. Everyone’s going to have a lot more fun if they’re not playing with a “noob.”

Check Out Card Etiquette

If you didn’t know that the cards in the casinos have their very own set of handling etiquette, the good news is that you know now. There are quite a few things you should avoid doing when you’re given cards; a major one is that if they’re dealt face up to the game you’re playing, you don’t need to (and indeed) shouldn’t touch them at all! There’s no call to and doing so is considered bad form and could even trigger some accusations of cheating.

If the cards are dealt face down, you’re going to have to touch them, but did you know that you should only pick them up with one hand in most cases, and avoid bringing your other hand into play? Again, this is an anti-cheating aspect of etiquette and while you might not get kicked out for employing your second hand, it’s not going to make you popular with the other players.

Final Insight

Knowing how to manage yourself in a casino makes a heck of a difference to your experience in one, and with those three rules of thumb, you’ll be off to a good start. That’s not to say there’s nothing else you need to learn about gambling before you first set foot in a casino, but you’re now better placed to enjoy a great night without making any major faux pas. Get your gambling shoes on and start having fun!

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