Must-Visit Destinations In Europe

European countries are great destinations for travelers since they offer everything for a memorable journey. Need to have a break from everything and enjoy nature? Head to Portugal and enjoy the calm ocean.

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Or maybe you are in the mood to explore a busty metropolis with amazing sights? Then, London will become a perfect spot.

So, what would you choose for your long-awaited holiday? A peaceful corner or something with endless nightlife. Have a look at where we would go if we had a week off! 

Evening Entertainment & Nightlife in Europe

Your holiday will never be boring if you are one of those who can never stay in one place. Of course, Europe is full of exciting places, so sightseeing is always a great idea. But we hasten to assure you that evenings will also be full of adventures!  Restaurants and bars are endless, but there’s something more you should know.

Luxury Casinos & Gambling 

Several centuries ago, European countries were the first to establish casinos, where royals and wealthy people spent time. And every tourist can still dip into this atmosphere of risk and luxury. Such an experience can be compared with the top online gambling establishments: such a pastime is common for millions of people. 

Most risk fans now prefer virtual gaming clubs, as they are accessible from every spot in the world. For instance, the most popular EU casinos that accept UK players are extremely popular among users from different regions. They offer lucrative bonuses, fantastic gaming solutions, and the best service. However, visiting a land-based European gaming house will provide you with completely new emotions. Or try an online game, like the Immortal Romance slot.

London Is Never Enough

We are confident there’s not many who don’t dream of visiting London. Its famous locations are endless, so even a month-long holiday is not enough to explore this city. So, grab our guide on what you must do in London:

  • Take a ride on a two-floor bus
  • Visit and take a picture at Piccadilly Square
  • Ride a bike and feed ducks in Hyde Park
  • Watch the Tower Bridge draw
  • Take a walk or ride a boat along Themes
  • Visit the famous Empire Casino & place a bet
  • Try fish & chips in a street restaurant

Of course, you should also consider the worldwide-famous destinations like Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. But we bet you will not forget about them even without our assistance.

Luxury Atmosphere of Monaco

Monte Carlo is the most popular spot in Monaco, and a trip there would definitely be unforgettable. You can explore majestic hotels, luxury boutiques, the best Michelin restaurants, and brand-new cars on every corner. The atmosphere or wealth is in the air!

Casino Monte Carlo is one of the well-known principality’s places. And it’s not only for risk fans. This majestic destination is located in the heart of Monaco, attracting millions of players annually. It’s a famous tourist place: even children can visit it in the mornings and afternoons. It has several fantastic restaurants and a huge territory for walking, so don’t pass by it when visiting Monaco.

What to See in Portugal?

Exploring the country’s culture and amazing places is never enough, so passionate tourists always return. Portugal has a lot of secrets, thus, it’s time to see everything yourself. Cabo da Roca is the first spot you must visit. It’s the continent’s westernmost cape, where you can admire the fantastic scenery and enjoy the ocean. You would hardly be able to swim, as the water is too cold. But enjoying a picnic and admiring the view is a great option.

Learning History & Culture: Must-Visit Museums

Visitors who like to explore art and culture shouldn’t pass by the famous museums. The best locations include the Maritime Museum, the National Museum of Ancient Art, and the National Coach Museum. These places will impress even the pickiest tourists! By the way, the best Portuguese hotels are located in ancient castles and fortresses. Staying in one of them will help you dip into the country’s history.

Land-Based Casino as a Famous Sight

Estoril Casino is another famous place. Currently, it’s one of the hugest European casinos where you can enjoy many games and slots. This place has become a prototype for the famous Casino Royale film. The first stone of this gaming house was laid in 1916, but the building had nothing in common with gambling. It was initially a gathering destination for spies and royals during WWI. The casino itself opened its doors in 1958. It’s still one of the most famous Portuguese sights! 

Final Insight

Europe has a lot of hidden treasures, and the above countries are only some options on how to spend an unforgettable weekend or holiday. Planning a journey can be a pleasure and a headache at the same time, as there are so many exciting locations. Check the best guides and pick what interests you most when planning a journey!

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