Five of the Best Outdoor Adventures to Experience Today

Although domestic options like hiking in Nashville appeal to American citizens everywhere, sometimes there is a need to venture outside the country to see what the rest of the world has to offer.

From sand surfing to exploring reefs underwater, there are some fantastic things to do for lovers of the outdoors. 

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Of course, lounging on a remote beach and spending most of your hard-earned cash on designer clothing is needed on occasions, but you’ll have far more fun and create memories for a lifetime in some of these adventure travel hotspots.

These once-in-a-lifetime vacations will not only occasionally put you out of your comfort zone, but you’ll have far more stories to share than any resort-based getaway provides. 

It’s worth noting that not every outdoor adventure will necessarily be suited to you and your limits, but there will be some options on the list that will almost certainly pique your interest. So, with that in mind, let’s take a brief look at five of the best outdoor adventures in the world today. 

Bungee jumping in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country worth experiencing for numerous reasons, but if you can add bungee jumping to your itinerary, then you definitely won’t regret it.

Regarded by many as the home of adventure activities, visiting Kawarau Bridge Bungy and taking a 140-foot leap from the South Island’s gorgeous bridge is a must. This particular option isn’t for the faint-hearted, though.

Dive the Great Blue Hole

Located in Belize and known among the diving community due to its odd circular shape and its deep blue color, the Great Blue Hole is a 1,000-foot-wide sinkhole with an underwater environment like no other. The deeper you go, the more natural beauty you’ll be exposed to. Huge limestone stalactites and stalagmites are a main feature, while you’re likely to also see an array of marine life. 

Free-fall over Dubai

Dubai is a destination that has grown in reputation over the last decade or so. A place where you can experience extravagance but also sample a wide range of outdoor activities, this wealthy location is worth visiting. Not only can you devour delicious meals and relax in world-class resorts, but you can also free-fall over Dubai from Jumeirah Beach.

Offering both tandem skydiving for beginners and solo jumps for more advanced skydivers, you’ll drop at 120 miles per hour and see Dubai’s stunning skyline from a unique perspective. 

Go on safari in South Africa 

As you might expect, people everywhere want to visit destinations like South Africa to immerse themselves in the country’s amazing wildlife. Sure, you can gain an insight into animal life and see loveable animals in BBC documentaries and wildlife slots, such as The Ultimate 5, but seeing some wonderful creatures in the flesh and their natural habitat is a truly amazing experience.

South Africa is also filled with options here, from Kruger National Park to Addo Elephant National Park. You can go for the day, stay for a few nights, enjoy fine food, see some of the world’s most loveable animals, and enjoy a trip of a lifetime. 

Go kayaking through Torres del Paine National Park

If you’d prefer to work up a sweat during your adventure-filled getaway, then kayaking through Torres del Paine National Park is a memorable thing to do. Chile’s Patagonia region is truly stunning anyway, but exploring it from the water highlights even more beauty. Kayak en Patagonia is the company to contact here, with a range of kayaking adventures on offer.

Ashley Hubbard