The Best Hot Springs Around The World

Nothing feels better than taking a relaxing and rejuvenating dip in a steaming hot spring after a long day of travel. These natural phenomena, created by geothermally heated water emerging through the earth’s crust, offer a level of relaxation that is unmatched. From Iceland and Italy to the U.S. and New Zealand, there are plenty of locations across the globe offering this memorable experience. 

So pack some comfortable bikini tops and matching bottoms, your best travel camera, and an unwavering sense of adventure to fully appreciate these global hot springs’ beauty and healing properties. 

Practicing Self-Love: The Best Hot Springs Around the World

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Pamukkale Thermal Ponds – Turkey

There are more than a dozen thermal springs along the hills of Pamukkale Natural Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in southwest Turkey. The striking turquoise water, highlighted by the white limestone terraces that hold it, is said to have drawn in visitors throughout history, with rumors indicating Egyptian Queen Cleopatra enjoyed them herself. 

The tranquility and healing properties of these thermal ponds continue to make them a popular destination for those who believe in their therapeutic properties. 

Banjar Hot Springs – Indonesia

There are not many hot springs that can boast the tropical serenity of northern Bali’s Banjar Hot Springs. This palm-filled slice of paradise, complete with traditional Balinese decor, has two turquoise water springs at two different swimming levels, eight intricately designed dragon spouts, a family-friendly pool, and a central pool open to all guests. 

The water has a high sulfuric level, promising a restful and rejuvenating experience, with lush gardens, beautiful palms, and local birds transporting visitors to a peaceful oasis.

Takaragawa Onsen – Japan

The forested Takaragawa Onsen hot springs flow between the snow-capped peaks of Joshin’etsukogen and Oze National Park, just north of Gunma, creating the perfect mountain backdrop for your visit. The four open-air baths sit beside the Takara River, perfectly in tune with the nature that surrounds it. 

The bathhouse and forest setting change colors as the seasons change to make visitors feel like they are in a fairytale. Other onsite facilities include a 42-room hotel and a restaurant with locally sourced ingredients from neighboring mountains. 

Kerosene Creek – New Zealand

If there is one thing New Zealand is known for, it is the striking beauty of nature one can find across this two-island country. And the Kerosene Creek hot springs, located in Rotorua, will not disappoint. This heated creek, which is warmed by natural subterranean springs, allows visitors to enjoy the lush North Island wilderness, with picture-perfect jungle backdrops and a cascading waterfall. 

Attending the springs is free of charge, but sufficient knowledge of the area is needed to navigate your way to the creek successfully. The New Zealand Tourism Board is a fantastic resource if required. 

Chena Hot Springs – Alaska

If you want a view of the breathtaking Aurora lights while soaking away, Chena Hot Springs in Alaska offers the perfect viewing seat. This magical getaway, just outside of Fairbanks, is the most accessible and developed hot spring resort in the state. 

It perfectly blends all the things that make Alaska the beautiful environment it is, with steamy water and ice-covered winter scenery, including the year-round Aurora Ice Museum and Ice Bar located at the resort. The best time to witness these magical northern lights is from late August to April. 

The Springs Resort & Spa – Colorado

Pagosa Springs in Colorado offers more than your typical hot springs getaway. The hot water supplied to this stretch of southwest Colorado is provided by the Mother Spring aquifer, which has been officially recognized as the deepest aquifer in the world by Guinness World Records. 

The Springs Resort & Spa is the ideal way to experience this world-famous water source. Guests can try any of the 25 thermal pools found here, each with varying temperatures based on their placement. The pools are open to the general public, and the water is said to promote healthy skin and help soothe aches and pains. 

Blue Lagoon – Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most well-known hot springs in the world. This Icelandic teal gem, just 20 minutes from Keflavik Airport, is the perfect welcome to this island country. The mineral-rich, geothermal seawater is the ideal way to combat jet lag or reflect on a magical holiday. 

The waters flow over moss-covered rocks with dramatic mountain views that perfectly encapsulate the beauty of this rugged land. 

Cascate del Mulino – Italy

Cascate del Mulino, located in the beautiful town of Tuscany, has become an Instagram-famous hot springs waterfall, drawing in hundreds of visitors every year. The crystal clear blue waters are free to enter and can be enjoyed 24 hours daily. 

A thermal stream of water seeps through natural limestone pools to create an extraordinary and relaxing experience all year round. 

Termas Geometricas – Chile

The Termas Geometricas has an impressive string of more than 60 hot springs and is easily recognized by the red footbridges that help you traverse this wild destination. Surrounded by the rich landscape of the Villarrica Sur National Park, this misty and overgrown natural beauty will make leaving one of the 20 heated stone pools feel nearly impossible.  

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