New Zealand: How to Combine Outdoor Activities & Geeky Destinations

Are you planning a trip to New Zealand? Do it as soon as possible, as NZ is s motherland for excitement & new emotions. We are confident you already have heard about popular tourist destinations that everyone must attend. The country’s nature is exactly what you need to see first, so ignoring outdoor activities would be a crime!

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On the other hand, New Zealand is a well-known center of entertainment, particularly for gamers. Geeks regularly come to the country to explore high-end developed anime and video gaming places. Check the following locations when planning your journey!

Take a Look at SkyCity Hotels & Restaurants

The paradise for geeks is located in Auckland, the heart of New Zealand. This amazing resort is a city inside the city! Luxurious hotels, amazing restaurants, and activities for all preferences are waiting for visitors. Choose the best accommodation and get ready to have a great time in a bustling metropolis!

A huge casino is one of the best SkyCity attractions. Gamblers love this place due to the diversity of pokies and VIP gaming rooms. 2,000+ games make geeks’ hearts beat faster! You can combine outdoor activities with gaming: enjoy nature in the morning and dip into the nightlife during the evenings.

Enjoy Nightlife Activities & Best Pubs in the Country

Auckland, in line with other NZ cities, is amazing at night. Did you hear the opinion that everything looks much more beautiful after the sunset? Kiwis will agree with this statement. And when most fall asleep, high-end restaurants, VIP nightclubs, and the best bars wake up in New Zealand. 

It is not a secret that New Zealanders and visitors opt for land-based gaming clubs featured & reviewed on the sites like NZ CasinoDeps. Do you want to experience the nightlife during your trip? You can visit a gaming pub: their luxury will impress even the most demanding tourists. 

Play your favorite games or just have a cocktail at the bar, and you will feel like James Bond. Entertainment is not limited to gaming activities; every visitor will find something special. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of attending a concert by your favorite music band. New Zealand hosts multiple events, so just check the upcoming ones when planning your trip.

Discover New Zealand’s Outdoor Paradise

Few things compare to New Zealand’s unique outdoor activities and destinations, which is remarkable. Everyone knows the country has incredible nature that you never get tired of exploring! First, we would recommend simple hiking with a view of mountains and crystal lakes, as it’s impossible not to be impressed.


Those who want something more than usual hiking can enjoy numerous activities. Start with rafting if that doesn’t sound too scary! This activity is quite widespread globally, but here in NZ, you can see the unique nature! Conquer waterfalls with a team of like-minded enthusiasts, and these unforgettable emotions will last forever.


Aren’t you afraid of heights? Then skydiving is a perfect solution! Seeing NZ nature from the bird’s-eye view is something truly fantastic. This is the best way to enjoy the magnificent scenery and appreciate everything our planet has created. We are confident every person will fall in love with those landscapes: don’t forget to take some pictures!


Last but no less exciting! Caving is Kiwis’ national entertainment; tourists are truly impressed by such a pastime. This activity attracts millions of visitors annually, and it’s worth a try. You can walk along century-old caves and explore the hidden treasures. Another option is taking a boat and enjoying rafting in mountain lakes!

More Places to Visit in New Zealand

If our Skycity query made your geeky soul dance, check out some more destinations to try your luck at land-based gaming halls. You will find plenty of establishments like this across New Zealand. Would you prefer a luxurious Skycity or a small old-fashioned gaming house? It’s up to you to decide!

Gaming pubs & hotels are the fanciest way to explore the fantastic atmosphere geeks may miss sitting at home! Most NZ places offer a vast choice of restaurants and bars where you can relax and taste local dishes.

Final Insight

New Zealand is always different, so each visit brings the chance to discover something new. Delightful nature is intertwined with huge metropolitan areas, where you will find entertainment for every taste. When planning a holiday, think about the Kiwi direction. A few have ever come from New Zealand without a ton of positive impressions!

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