Athens – The City of the Gods and the Sun

Modernity and history coexist in harmony in Athens, making it a special metropolis. Here, Plato and Socrates were employed, the Olympic Games were created, and the old Acropolis is also worth mentioning. Many visitors travel here annually in search of a wonderful vacation and a good time. You get a flavor of the past and a look at the Greek metropolis’s already-modern way of life!

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You’re in for a surprise if you visit Athens because it is a metropolis filled with monuments. There are so many building wonders that you might not be able to see them all in one vacation because every square meter resonates with history. But in this stunning city, a significant Greek capital, there is a tonne to see and do. We’ll concentrate on the top locations in this piece that we believe a visitor should visit.

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Greece’s top tourist destination is the Acropolis in Athens. This incredible location contains the key to the past, detailing living in the nation between the 15th and 10th centuries B.C. The Attic government works to protect the area for this reason.

Even the development of skyscrapers that would obstruct the view of the Acropolis is prohibited in the city. Every year, millions of visitors and travelers hire an airport transfer and come here. After your many adventures, you can unwind at one of the nearby Athens accommodations.


The Parthenon was regarded as the most magnificent and wealthy building before the arrival of the Romans. However, the invaders destroyed the sanctuary and took the sculptures to Rome. The Parthenon was transformed into the Cathedral of St. Sophia under Justinian. It was converted into a Catholic sanctuary after the Fourth Crusade. The Turks mostly destroyed the Parthenon because they affixed a minaret to it and kept gunpowder there.

Fun Fact: Nashville has the only full-scale replica of the Parthenon!

Athenians today want to bring the Parthenon back to its previous splendor. But it is already possible to book an airport taxi and see the Greeks’ building gimmicks. We’re discussing how to rectify the human eye’s aberration. The columns fight the weight and keep the sanctuary from “squatting” as a result.

Theatre of Dionysus

The earliest stage in Greece and the oldest theatre made of stone is the theatre of Dionysus. It was a component of a sanctuary honoring the deity Dionysus, which served as the primary location for the Dionysian cult festivities. All antique and even contemporary stages were modeled after the Dionysus Theater in Athens.

This is where a unique form of art that is hugely famous today was created. The venue’s tools and sounds were initially evaluated in Greece. The structure is still standing, albeit injured. But thanks to a thorough repair done by contemporary builders, visitors can now appreciate the unusual draw. By taking an AtoB airport transfer and visiting the location, you can immerse yourself in ancient Greece and learn about the traditions and lifestyle of Athens’ citizens.


Due to the tiny monastery that is situated in the neighborhood’s most well-known plaza, this neighborhood, along with its neighbor Plaka, is known as Monastiraki. These two neighborhoods are among the most well-known and influential in all of Athens.

Keep in mind that Erma, Pandrossou, and Adriana are the three main streets in Monastiraki, through which you can access almost all of the area’s attractions by Athens airport transfer. For this reason, we advise getting lost and ignoring the map and links because, even if you can’t believe it, the city itself will direct you to the most popular attractions.

National Archaeological Museum

Patissia Avenue, close to Omonoi Square, is where you’ll find the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. In Capodistria on the island of Aegina, Governor Ioannis established the first Greek historical museum in 1829. The parliament and later the Ministry of Justice was once housed in the museum structure. It was finished in 1889 and was the work of German builder Ernst Ziller.

Ancient Greek artifacts can be found in the museum’s main collection. Items from ancient and Minoan times, the classical era when Athens was at its greatest, Roman and Hellenistic times, Byzantine times, Venetian control, Ottoman conquest, the Greek Revolution, and contemporary Greek history are all represented in the museum.

In essence, the museum features artifacts from every era in Greek history. You can hire an AtoB airport taxi to get to the museum and find miniatures, tombstones, bronze artifacts, tools, weaponry, and domestic items among the treasures of antiquity.

Syntagma Square

The Syntagma is Athens’ central public space. The old regal residence that now houses the Parliament was constructed there at the cost of the monarch of Bavaria for Prince Otto of Bavaria, the country’s first monarch. The king, who was installed on the Greek throne by the Allies and was meant to give Greece fresh life and a constitution, surrounded himself with the Bavarian aristocracy and transformed into an absolute tyrant. He did publish a constitution, but the Greeks did not warm to him.

It is one of the least interesting legislative structures you can see in Europe. This is true when looking at its structural elements, but the guard of honor, which puts on a genuine show every Sunday at 11:00, obstructing the street and drawing tens of thousands of onlookers, makes the Greek parliament very fascinating for visitors.

Use an Athens airport taxi to be on time. The sentry typically switches every hour or a half (the ceremonies vary slightly).

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