Places To Visit In the Netherlands Apart From Amsterdam
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This is a guest post written by fellow travel writer, Anna.

The Netherlands always appears to travelers as a land where one consumes cheese or drugs while riding a bike or sitting by a canal. You can easily do those things in Amsterdam, a city that’s always prepared for tourists. With its many museums such as the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh or the Heineken museum, cozy streets with plenty of bars, and big parks and festivals, Amsterdam is never boring. This is why a lot of tourists start and finish their trip to the Netherlands in Amsterdam and often overlook visiting other interesting places in the country such as Texel Island.

Here I’m giving my recommendations of the top 5 places visit in the Netherlands that are not Amsterdam.

1. Keukenhof

Keukenhof, often known as ‘The Garden of Europe’, is one of the largest flower gardens in the world. It’s definitely a place one should visit while in The Netherlands. Located near the small town of Lisse between Amsterdam and Leiden, this spectacular garden offers over seven million colorful flowers. Not only that, there are many activities such as flower markets, boat tours, bike tours, and parades to be enjoyed.

Keukenhof is only open for a few months each year between March and May when the flowers are blooming and can be admired at their full majesty.

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Places To Visit In the Netherlands

2. Delft

The medieval city of Delft is less than an hour away from Amsterdam. This beautiful town, apart from its picturesque old canals, is mostly known for its history, leading back to the time of royal family and its founder, William of Orange. Delft was also the birthplace of one of the most famous Dutch Golden Age painters – Jan Vermeer. Visitors can visit the churches that Vermeer portrayed in his masterpieces, or even take a tasting tour to one of the town’s breweries. Delft is also known for its famous blue and white china.

3. Leiden

Just thirty minutes south of Amsterdam lies the city of Leiden. One of the most important cities of the Dutch Golden Age, Leiden houses the oldest university in the Netherlands, dating back to 1575. Not surprisingly, the town has a large student population, including many international students. Leiden offers a lot of cafes, bars, and landmarks such as the houses of painters Rembrandt van Rijn and Jan Steen. It also features a thousand-year-old citadel that helped the Dutch resist and ultimately defeat the Spanish during the Eighty Years’ War.

Places To Visit In the Netherlands

4. Hoge Veluwe National Park

Located up north in Gelderland province, Hoge Veluwe National Park is one of the biggest nature reserves in Holland. Visitors can see wildlife, hike among different types of botanical formations, and even spend the night camping in the sand dunes. Hoge Veluwe is often visited by groups of Dutchmen of all ages to go camping, have a school trip, or simply hike in the woods.

5. The Hague

The Hague is one of the most important cities not only in the Netherlands but also in Europe – it’s also one of the most unusual holiday destinations. This judicial city of the world is a cosmopolitan mixture of lovely squares, historical buildings, palaces, and fine art museums.

From the tourist attractions, I would recommend Madurodam, a miniature version of Europe located in the Scheveningen district, and the Royal Gallery Mauritshuis.

Places To Visit In the Netherlands
The Hague

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Any other noteworthy places to visit in Netherlands? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Great place you’ve chosen :)! However, don’t forget Rotterdam (my hometown) where pre-war meets post-war architecture, great art museums and many cool local initatives (such as pop-up bars and restaurants)!

  2. Corinne

    I absolutely adore the Netherlands. I lived there for two years and let me tell you, you just can’t go wrong wherever you travel. Some of my other favorites to add to your list would be: Gietthorn, Volendam, Edam, Kinderdijk, Zaanse Schans, Haarlem…really awesome destination Ashley!

  3. Dennis Kopp

    I am actually thinking of visiting the Netherlands in the summertime, so your suggestions come in quite handy Ashley! To me especially Delft, Leiden and The Hague sound really good and they just made it on my to-visit list… 🙂

  4. Awesome suggestions! I’m visiting The Netherlands this July and of course, like everyone else, I’m staying in Amsterdam (so looking forward to it!), but now I have some suggestions for some day trips! Thanks!

  5. Marysia

    This is official Anna, I’m coming to visit you and you are showing me around! I can’t count how many times I have been in Amsterdam and except one wedding outside of the city I haven’t been anywhere else in Netherlands!

    1. Anna

      Please do! Just let me know when you’re coming! 😀

  6. Erin

    For some reason I never thought of a national park in Amsterdam. How fun!

  7. I live in The Hague but Utrecht is definitly prettier then The Hague, Leiden and Delft, in my opinion. I also miss Volendam (traditional Dutch town) and Giethoorn (Venice of the North) on the list! And the windmills of Kinderdijk!

  8. Like many people, I didn’t know much about the Netherlands besides Amsterdam and Rotterdam. I love the sound of the National Park, the idea of spending a night in the dunes definitely appeals to me!

  9. Jakob Gibbons

    Fantastic post! I used to live in the Netherlands for a while (Leiden) and I hated that so many people only went to Amsterdam. I loooove Leiden, and I always feel like The Hague is way underrated too, so was glad to see it here. I’d definitely add Utrecht to the list — have you been? Beautiful city, young college-age population, fantastic atmosphere, like a bigger version of Leiden.

    Great post!

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