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Well, the holidays are over once again and a new year has begun. Hopefully, you received some amazing and thoughtful gifts. I’m not one for getting or giving material possessions anymore but I love giving or receiving practical items, homemade gifts or experiences as gifts. Things that really matter or leave an impression. Perhaps, someone did something really nice for you recently, watched your animal companions while you were away or you just want to let someone how much they are appreciated. In that case, you should definitely check out this passport-themed travel stationery.

travel stationery

I discovered this stationery on Basic Invite’s website and I pretty much love it. I used to be a bit of a stationery hoarder but now that I try to only buy what I need, I’m a bit pickier. I love these because it lets me put a little bit of my passion (travel) into a simple activity such as sending thank-you notes.

Custom Thank You Cards

Basic Invite is pretty cool because it lets customers choose {almost} unlimited color options that you can instantly view previews of online. Once you choose a design, you can change the color of each element on the card. Every little detail can be changed to over 180 different colors. The color options don’t stop with the cards though. You can also get pretty colorful with the envelope choices with over 40 different colors. No more of those gross off-white envelope colors! I really love all the options to make your own custom thank you cards.

travel stationery


Interested in using Basic Invite for more than thank-you cards? They have many other stationery options including invitations. Basic Invite allows customers the ability to order a printed sample of their actual invitation so they can see the paper quality and how their design choices look on paper before placing their final order. No need to create invitations and order hundreds of them to find out you hate them.

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travel stationery

Address Capturing Service

Additionally, you can also utilize their awesome address capturing service. Just share a quick link on social media and request your family and friends’ addresses. These will be stored in your account and can then be selected during the design process.

There are a lot of invitation websites out there but Basic Invite definitely stands out a bit for several different reasons.

Next time you need thank you notes, invitations or more, make sure to check them out and use this 15% off coupon code: 15FF51.

travel stationery

How do you say thank you for a gift or act of service? Tell me in the comments ↓↓↓

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