Top Things to do Before You’re 30

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Top Things to do Before You’re 30

8 top things to do before you're 30

Since I just turned 28 last week, I’ve been thinking a lot of about the fact that my thirties are almost over.  Obviously time is not on my side, and I most likely won’t get everything done in my 20s that I wanted to, but I am headed out on my first solo long term trip so I think that’s good enough!

From the time we are born our clock starts ticking. We only have a certain number of days that turn into a defined number of years. Before you know it, you turn 30 and begin to think about life and wonder where it’s gone. More than likely kids will be added into the mix and you will find yourself busy loving your family and encouraging your offspring to do greater exploits than you ever dreamed of doing. However, if you would like some stories to tell before you get to that point, here are some great things to do before you turn 30.

Go Skydiving

This one might seem a bit cliché, but you are certainly more likely to undertake this while you are younger then after you have a family. Usually all that is required is a short safety course and then you are ready to suit up. You will most likely jump tandem with an instructor unless you are certified to jump solo. However, tandem or not, the experience is the biggest adrenaline rush you can have. Falling at blazing speeds until the ripcord is pulled and slows your decent.

Running of the Bulls

If you are one of those people that likes to cheat death then this one is certainly for you. Held every year at Pamplona, nothing can be more adrenaline filled or as terrifying as trying to out run massively large, aggressive bulls down a one-way street.  The event was actually born out of need. The Bull Run was a way to get the bulls across the city and into the bullpen. This is not for the faint of heart and not everyone will be allowed to run. But if you are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, this is a must try before you turn 30.

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Climb Mount Everest

This is certainly something you would not consider doing when you are older, since you need to be in peak physical shape before you even think about attempting such a climb. Although there are older individuals who complete this and more power to them!  Mount Everest is grueling and can take a few days to reach the top. However, if you are looking for an event that is one for the record books this destination is certainly for you. Make sure to follow all safety precautions and have all of the appropriate climbing gear. You might even consider taking a guide with you if you are unsure. This will be one that you will never forget and a story that you can be passed down for generations.

Live Abroad for a Year

We’ve all dreamed of taking a vacation to a foreign country and living there for a while. There is no better time to do this than when you are young. Typically, you only have your self to think about and take care of so your supplies will be minimal. You can choose to backpack through a country or find work there and create a way to sustain yourself financially for a while.  However you do it, you will certainly have no regrets. Being able to say that you have lived in another place for a year and experienced all that is to offer is something that few people are able to do.

Sail Around the World

If you own a sailboat then consider giving this a try. I read about a couple that spent 10 years doing nothing but sailing around the globe. They sailed to France and visited places such as New Zealand and Amsterdam. They had a ball. They also did not have anybody to think about except for the two of them. Before you hit 30 and are laden with all of the responsibilities of life, consider sailing from port to port and experiencing as much culture as you can.

Cave Diving

Consider going to Mexico and exploring some of their caves from a different perspective. Mexico has some of the deepest underground caves that are known around the world to cave divers. What is cave diving you might ask? Well simply put cave diving is jumping into a cave and free falling for a bit until your parachute comes to life and transports you safely to the ground below. This is certainly not for the faint of heart, but it is most definitely something you want to try before you are 30.

Visit a Tibetan Monastery

Before you hit the big 3-0, it’s a great idea to find your Zen. Nothing is better for this then making a trip to Tibet and visiting one of their Tibetan temples. Most of the monasteries allow visitors, and you can even stay at some of them for a small fee, or if prior arrangements are made.  The monks are friendly and they keep to a pretty regimented daily routine. If you feel like immersing yourself in their culture for a while try following along. If nothing else, you will certainly leave feeling more relaxed and serene.

Visit Las Vegas

There is no place in the world that even compares to the glitz and glamor and over-the-top gaudiness of Las Vegas. Every type of personality imaginable roams the streets and entices you to spend your time and money in the bars and casinos that line the strip.  You can while away your time at one of the many beautiful casinos, or take in any sort of risqué show. For a multimedia experience, walk to Fremont Street in the old part of Vegas and take some time underneath their canopy gazing at all the sights and sounds. Then, when you are 50 you can always return. However, you might not mention to your partner some of the things you did there before you were 30. Remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

What else would you do before you’re 30??


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