Meet the Gypsies : Monica & Jon of We Travel Together @wtraveltogether

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Meet the Gypsies : Monica & Jon of We Travel Together

1. Who are you?  Where are you from?  Where are you now?

My name is Monica, and my fiancée Jon and I run the travel blog We Travel Together. We’re both born and raised in Norway, close to the capital city. We met for the very first time almost 4 years ago after chatting a few hours online. A month later we went on our first trip together, and after that we’ve been visiting 25 countries together.

We always dream about places to go to, we love to share our passions; travel and photography with others, and hope that we can inspire more people to travel.

Right now we’re home in Norway counting down to our next trip.

2. What’s your packing strategy?  Heavy or light packer?  Backpack or suitcase?

Quite honestly, we don’t have any packing strategy except that we always write packing lists, and we usually bring too much (haha). So we have to consider us as heavy packers. We try to work on it, but as part time travellers who always visit our home before the next journey it’s not that necessary to pack that light.

We prefer to use duffel bags, but on weekend trips we pack in cabin-size suitcases to bring with us as carry on.

3. How do you afford your travels?  Budget traveler or lean more towards luxury?

Previously we lived pretty cheap and that made it easy. Now, not so much, but we spend all our spare money on travel, not wasting them on other unnecessary stuff. We’ll always make a way to travel.

We definitely lean more towards the luxury, where we can have some privacy.

4. If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go?

That’s easy! That has to be on a safari in Africa.
It has been a longtime dream for me. And actually right before we met Jon just got home from a tour like that. And ever since we have talked about going back together, so he could share those moments with me.


5. Is there anywhere you won’t travel to and why?

Hmmm. I don’t think so. We would love to visit every country in the world, but we’ll avoid countries where there are on-going conflicts. So some places are not on the top of our list on places to go right now.

6. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve eaten?

I know Jon has eaten a larva, caterpillar or something like that. But we haven’t eaten that much adventurous, yet. When the time come and we’re going to places in Asia I could try to eat fried stuff such as grasshoppers. Tasty or not, it would be a fun experience!


7. You’re both from Norway (jealous!) – what’s your best tips for first time visitors?

This is almost a little embarrassing, but we haven’t seen that much of our own country (what a shame!).

Norway has a reputation for being expensive, and that’s true. But you can find things for free. In Oslo the capital of Norway you can do things such as visiting the Vigerland Park – a sculpture park. You can walk around on Akershus Fortress, a place filled with history with open views over the harbor. You can shop in supermarkets and have a picnic in the park instead of eating at expensive restaurants. And some museums and galleries have free admission on Sundays.

8. What are the best things about traveling together and the hardest?

The best thing about traveling together has to be that we always have a person we can share memories with. We know that other people get tired of hearing about our travels (who doesn’t like to hear about travels?), and for others it is hard to place themselves in the situation and get the feeling of what we’re talking about. Together, we both know what we’re talking about, and that’s something to love!

The hardest… A tough one! But you always have to think about that you’re two traveling together, and both want the best seat on the plane (window seat).

9. Who is the most of adventurous out of the two of you?

We consider us both as adventurous persons, and I don’t think one of us is more adventurous than the other. And, maybe that’s why we work so good together on travels?

10. What’s the #1 item on your bucket list?

As mention before, a safari in Africa! Probably for both of us, even Jon has been on safari before.


11. Most importantly, where to next?

Have you guessed it? Yes, we will finally fulfill the dream of going to Africa. On March the 14th we’ll board the plane to Cape Town with a short (4h long) stopover in Dubai. After a few days on our own in Cape Town we’ll join in on an overland small group tour heading towards Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. We really look forward to this trip, and can’t wait to share it with our followers.

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  1. Valeria

    Super jealous that you guys are going to Africa! Have fun 🙂
    Thank you Ahsley for another interesting insight in travelers’ lives!

  2. I agree traveling together is much more fun than going alone. I really enjoy it when my husband accompanies me on trips. Africa is on your list as well. We want to take the kids on a safari before they get any older.

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